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Both fighters were busy to start, but a minute in, Jedrzejczyk landed a hard right hand upstairs and her combinations at close range had the former champ smiling and in the lead. Resuming their high-volume striking battle in round two, Jedrzejczyk was mixing things up nicely, and in the second minute, the two locked up against the fence, taking turns in control, with Zhang landing elbows and Jedrzejczyk responding with knees. With a little over two minutes left, Zhang rattled Jedrzejczyk with a right hand, forcing the Poland native to reset. Zhang came out fast for round three and got in some hard shots before Jedrzejczyk settled back in and continued unleashing combinations.

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Ranking the 15 best female fighters on the UFC roster

In , it's hard to imagine that fifteen years prior the UFC was deemed a risky purchase. However, many state athletic commissions had ruled that the UFC was too violent a sport for their state to approve. As a result, UFC didn't have the global and statewide popularity as it does today. The fighters aren't the only enjoyable part about the UFC, however. Hanson's a California girl by way of America's second most populated city, Los Angeles.

She has a girl next door look to her and her Instagram seems to validate that. Hanson may have over a quarter million followers but she seems as down to Earth as she can be despite her popularity.

Hanson's Instagram mostly contains pictures of her at UFC events, her with her boyfriend, who by the way is you regular everyday dude, food especially tacos and sexy selfies that her followers would greatly appreciate more of.

Hanson is also a fan of yoga, cooking, posing as a film critic and reading. Waterson's coming off the biggest win of her career by way of defeating Paige VanZant in her hometown of Sacramento, California.

With the W, the "Karate Hottie's" name and recognition is sure to rise as more opportunities will be available to her. Waterson was a former Atomweight Champion in the Invicta promotion which is a pound weight class.

In addition to being one of UFC's prettiest faces, Waterson is a mother to an adorable five-year-old, Araya. The origin of Waterson's Karate Hottie nickname comes from her spokesmodel days for Bikini. When those at Bikini. Com were told of Waterson's karate background, she was dubbed the nickname "Karate Hottie". The Brazilian bombshell Camila Oliveira has been with the UFC since but is no stranger to showcasing her beauty as she's been modeling since the age of sixteen.

For those on Instagram, do yourself a favor and give CamilaOliveiraReal a follow; the girl practically lives in a two piece bikini! She's also obviously a daddy's girl as she claims that the most handsome man she knows is her very own father. Unfortunately for Oliveira's mother her daughter doesn't regard her looks like she regards her father's as she points at Angelina Jolie as the most beautiful woman she has laid eyes on.

At 5'6'' and pounds, Felice Herrig has an apt nickname - Lil' Bulldog. Herring's expertise is in the kickboxing department as prior to her embarking on an MMA career she racked up twenty-three victories and only five losses as a kick boxer.

There are always flowers for those who want to see them. The likelihood of finding one that surpasses Luciana Andrade in the beauty and brains department in the UFC is slim to none. Andrade is a Law School graduate and worked in the field for nine years; Andrade is not just your daily dosage of eye candy, but also a hefty serving of brain food as well.

Andrade is of Brazilian descent and prides herself in being both an avid traveler and fitness enthusiast. Andrade has been with the UFC since the final quarter of Unfortunately very little about her personal life is known with respect to her Law background.

If you're a fan of bikini and outdoor photos, Andrade is worth hitting that follow button to make it green. When you have a name as bad ass as "Joanna Violence" you know you've earned it. When UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley who never watches a fight prior to his says he's going to watch your fight, you know you're doing something right.

Jedrzejczyk is the company's longest reigning champion in any weight class and it is not even close as she is nearing a two year reign. The Olsztyn, Poland native sports a spotless record of in the octagon. It's timeeee!!!! Bringing some U. Baker's no stranger to modeling and has been since the young age of fourteen. Baker also isn't a stranger to the television scene as she has appeared on networks such as Disney, Nickelodeon and MTV.

Baker is also quite the television buff as she points at shows such as Breaking Bad, Entourage, Friends, Gossip Girl and Prison Break as being amongst her favorites, with Friends taking the top spot.

Baker with her blonde hair and photogenic face is one that UFC fans are surely happy to have be a part of the promotion. Kowalkiewicz up until this point had sported a flawless record.

However, despite going the distance with JJ, the Polish Princess was unable to notch another W in the win column as she suffered her first defeat. Kowalkiewicz has a girl next door look and an endearing personality based on her media rounds. The thirty-one-year-old Kowalkiewicz will likely get a second crack at Jedrzejczyk as she arguably with respect to Claudia Gadelha , gave Jedrzejczyk her toughest match up to date.

Don't forget to get your copy of my Photobook I designed especially for you fans!! Never before seen images shot by dominicpetruzzi and limited edition signed and numbered collectors editions come with a signed and numbered AP for your collection on archival paper! Highest quality only for my fans! Blair is a big fan of working out and is practically into any and every thing that has to do with fitness as she engages in boxing, lifting weights, pilates and yoga.

Blair is no stranger to ring girl duty as prior to being a UFC Octagon Girl, she was one for the Strikeforce promotion. Blair's favorite television shows include a favorite animated show of most, Family Guy, and Duck Dynasty. Outside of the UFC Blair dabbles in her own nutrition company Kalumi Health which sells a protein bar that delivers both protein and is a beauty supplement as well.

When Sports Illustrated chooses you to wear body paint in their Swimsuit issue, you know you're all that and a bag of chips! With the nickname "Rowdy", you wouldn't expect a woman to be this beautiful; rather, you'd likely expect her to be more on the butch side.

However, this isn't the case with Ronda Rousey. Before she had her unfortunate setback to "The Preacher's Daughter", Holly Holm, Rousey was a first round knockout machine. Rousey is as ferocious as they come inside the octagon, but her beauty outside of it shines as well. The Venice, California native recently signed on with Pantene to become a brand ambassador.

That's Ronda Rousey for you, making a mark inside and outside of the octagon. On the contrary, Olivi is backstage interviewer for the company. Moreover, think of Olivi as the female Joe Rogan of the sport who primarily conducts interviews backstage post fight.

Olivi is an East Coast girl by way of Pennsylvania. Olivi can lay acclaim to having both beauty and brains as she obtained a B. The pretty Pennsylvanian has been covering the sport since the early part of the decade and has not only found love in covering the sport but with one of the promotion's very own fighters as well. In , Olivi tied the knot with flyweight fighter Joseph Benavidez. The name Alexandra Albu isn't one that's recognized by most fair-weather UFC fans and would likely not be recognized by a good amount of diehard UFC fans either.

However, Albu is on the rise as she has amassed a record in her MMA career. Albu fights out of Russia but is of Moldovan descent; for those that do not know, Moldova is an Eastern Europe and is bordered by the countries of Ukraine and Romania. Albu, nicknamed Stitch, had a very unlikely career for a female prior to entering the world of MMA.

Albu was actually of all things, a club bouncer. She's not only dedicated to expanding on her craft in the octagon but she is also in the midst of pursuing a college degree as she is a student at the Academy of Intellectual Property. What's your favorite holiday tradition?

The former Playboy cover girl has been with the promotion since and has turned heads long before then. Celeste received her start when she appeared at a casting call in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and the rest is history. The mixed Celeste of Filipino and Mexican decent was also recognized by Maxim in as she placed 23 on their Hot List.

A fun fact about Celeste is that Arianny is not her birth name and Celeste is not her surname. Celeste's real name is Penelope Lopez Marquez. Pena not only appeared on the show but she actually came out as the show's victor when she defeated eighth ranked Jessica Rakoczy in the first round of the finals. Pena has come a long way as she currently sits at the three slot in the Women's Bantamweight division behind the likes of Ronda Rousey and Valentina Shevchenko and ahead of former champ, Holly Holm.

The twenty-seven year old beauty is a born and bred Spokane, Washington product, which is the same town that has bred Meisha Tate. She cites Dan Henderson, Matt Hughes and the potty mouth of all potty mouths Nick Diaz as her inspirations in regards to fighters.

The San Diego, California born Palmer stands 5'6'' tall and weighs in at pounds. Not only is Palmer easy on the eyes but she's quite gifted when it comes to art as well.

In addition to Palmer's art exploits she has stated that her favorite television show is Entourage. Her favorite foods are tapas and sushi. By the way, she was previously married to a man named Aaron Zalewski whom Palmer claims assaulted her in July of Memo to Mr. Zalewski, with the forenamed interests that Palmer has along with her looks, you sir really messed up! More than just a pretty face, Claudia Gadelha's route to the UFC ranks was not one that her mother was neither receptive of nor was she supportive of.

Moreover, Gadelha's mother thought girls weren't supposed to engage in combat. Gadelha had to secretly train in gyms as a teenager so she would neither upset or anger her mother. The gorgeous Gadelha's decision to train clearly paid off as she's a dominant in her career with her only losses coming to Joanna Jedrzejczyk. Gadelha isn't only able to throw down in the octagon as she had also attended Law School during her lifetime. Leah, who first started modeling at the age of sixteen didn't look at modeling as something that would be a career.

Fast forward to two years down the road and Leah begins giving modeling a more serious look and starts sending out photos of herself to agency after agency. It wasn't hard for her to find work because well, look at her!

It was then UFC's turn and the rest is history. Leah has also had her fair share of magazine covers and spreads as Playboy named her its October Babe of the Month, Men's Fitness put her on its cover in and she was profiled in Maxim in October of Carano not only had stunning looks but she was able to rack up wins inside the octagon. Carano's alluring looks were not only appreciated by fight fans as she was gaining national recognition.

The woman nicknamed Crush snagged the sixteen spot on Maxim's Hot for

There haven't been many, but here are our top Tale of the tape : Height: 5"7', Weight: lbs, Measurements: This blonde bombshell was born and raised in Florida. She began modelling for Ford Motor Company at just 18, the year before her octagon debut. Since her appearance in the octagon, she has talked about her obsession about the sport and we're sure UFC fans will be looking out for the model in other arenas.

There are no doubts UFC is one of the most brutal sports. A lot of sweat, tears, and blood are shed inside the octagon which keeps the weak-hearted away from this sport.

Valentina Shevchenko without a doubt deserves this spot in our list of the most beautiful female fighters in the UFC. Megan is most definitely wins a title as the hottest tattooed female fighter in the UFC. Ariane Lipski is a Brazilian martial artist with Polish heritage. She made her debut in the UFC in and so far has a record of one win and two losses in the organization.

Top 10 Hottest Female UFC Fighters

A championship is built brick by brick by each and ever champion to win that championship. In the history of the UFC , there have been four divisions for the women, with 13 female fighters capturing gold. Justino defeated Holly Holm to crown a new champion after de Randamie was stripped of the title. Amanda Nunes beat Justino for the championship and has held it ever since, becoming the first woman in UFC history to win two divisional titles at the same time, and becoming the first woman to hold two titles at the same time. Jedrzejczyk defeated Esparza to win the championship and would have five successful defenses as champion. Namajunas would rebound to losing to Esparza by being the one who dethroned Jedrzejczyk. After winning the rematch, Namajunas would lose the title to Jessica Andrade.

Top 10 hottest female fighters

Have you ever wondered why all women involved in martial arts are so hot? So did we. They are not only tough in the ring, but also hot outside of it. Talk less, work more.

It takes a couple of hours to acknowledge some of the most beautiful mixed martial arts fighters ever seen.

In , it's hard to imagine that fifteen years prior the UFC was deemed a risky purchase. However, many state athletic commissions had ruled that the UFC was too violent a sport for their state to approve. As a result, UFC didn't have the global and statewide popularity as it does today. The fighters aren't the only enjoyable part about the UFC, however.

Top Five Hottest Female Fighters in the UFC

Post updated on January 29, If you have watched much MMA you know that these girls are for real. MMA girls can kick some serious butt and it is a sport that can be seriously entertaining. Also you have probably noticed that some of them can be pretty easy to look at.

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These are the 10 most attractive women in the UFC in swimsuits, lingerie and sexy photo shoots. Lee is from Shreveport, Louisiana. She has a record of in her Mixed Martial Arts career. She also holds victories over the former champions Holly Holm and Joanna Jedzejczyk. She has a record of Herrig looks a lot like a fitness model known for her bubbly personality and fit physique.

The Top 25 Hottest Female MMA Fighters

MMA fighting is a big deal these days and the women of the sport are a big part of it. When you watch women participate in MMA battles, whether it be in person or on television, a couple of things stand out at you. For one, a lot of these ladies are super attractive. The other thing that stands out, or at least it should, is that if you want to tell them how hot they are you better be careful how you say it. These ladies could knock your block off if you approach them the wrong way. What follows is a list of 20 of the hottest women who just happen to be very skilled MMA fighters. Or maybe this is a list of very skilled MMA fighters who just happen to be hot. See what we mean?

There are a lot of hot female UFC fighters, so its hard to whittle them down to or another form of striking means that the girls who train MMA are fit as all hell.


The Most Beautiful Female UFC And MMA Fighters







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