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Do i still love my ex boyfriend quiz

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Better said, it can help you know the likelihood of that happening. It can also help you know if your ex wants you back in addition to being a test to know the chances of getting back an ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend. It can help you know how uphill or downhill your battle is to re-attract your ex. Please start below and be sure to answer the questions honestly as the situation really is and not how you want things to be so that you can get the most accurate picture of what is really the case.

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Do you still love your ex?

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Please leave empty:. Complicated feelings. Maybe, not sure. I can't remember. Is there any reason for this? I don't want too. Sometimes but he never responds. We never talk anymore. Both of us. We never made any contact to each other. Just like old friends. Like Strangers. Rumors going around. No reason. He never expressed his feelings to you. He never loved you.

No I don't like him anymore. I like him but I want to move on. Yes I do like him. I already moved on. Comments Change color. Happy Stranger The minute you let go, it's like you're free! It's amazing! Especially if he makes you feel bad about yourself! If he avoids you, sends you a text about what he hates about you yup, low right? Spend it with the worthwhile people. Oh and he won't talk to me or even look at me. He looks alot sadder though! My besties had alot in mind for him!!

He use to make me happy, now I see the bad sides. Ok, be happy, my ex broke up with me because he thought I was "annoying" I've gotten over him, it's been a month or so.

He's turned out not to be the kind guy I thought he was. Rumours he likes me, I'd say no. A year wasted with that guy. Treats me like dirt. Pretends I don't exist. Feeling Better Also, my boyfriend broke up with me, more than 3 weeks ago, and I was sad, for two weeks, but now, I'm over him, and it feels so much better. I hope the same happens for you guys Person, get Back with him!!!

You still do so do it. I still love my ex boyfriend. He cheated on me but he was the first person I dated and he treated me so nicely, he was just so adorable. Anyways I just wish I had him but he moved on Unknown The Unknown territory I have moved on but still am confused whether I like him or he likes me we still look at each their but never talk I do wish we were friends but I think he'd say no.

Lena J I miss him Candice Person I broke up with my boyfriend bc I liked someone else and I needed a break, but now I'm starting to regret it. I think i still love him, but I dont want to love him. I also feel really bad bc I hurt him when I broke up with him. He was so happy when we were together and he was always smiling, and now he never smiles. Samantha Tatiana I really like Brooklyn I would not let him go past me I will Mari him.

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Do I Have a Love, Lust or Loser Relationship? Quiz

Not sure if you WANT this Your ex has long forgotten you. Maybe that's a good thing, or maybe you're hoping that things are going to get re-started again.

By Chris Seiter. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about if you should tell your ex that you still have feelings for them. In a way I blame myself for this type of confusion because many of the strategies we teach here at EBR are about hiding your feelings until the time is right.

Look, even if you hate admitting it, sometimes you just want to know if your ex still thinks about you sometimes. This obviously isn't the case if you're still friends or talk regularly—this is figuring out if they ever miss you or reminisce about your time together when you've had, shall we say, a less-than-stellar breakup. Here's how to know for sure:. Your ex definitely thinks about you a lot, but tries to play it cool by never actually responding to any of your 12 Insta stories they just watched. They probably ghosted on you back then, and are a literal ghost in your life now, lurking in your Snapchat and maybe occasionally sending you a random text when they're drunk or bored.

Quiz: How Do You Feel About Your Ex?

Below you'll find a fast, easy way to tell exactly how much your ex still loves you: the Ultimate Ex Back Quiz. The answers you provide will reveal valuable information on what your exboyfriend is feeling, regardless of how he's currently been acting toward you. This does my ex still love me quiz can help you figure out if he still loves you!!! He isn't cheating on you! And yet, people seem to continually complicate the meaning of it when it comes to relationships. How can I tell if my husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, is likely to cheat? This page is going to be formatted in a specific way.

Quiz: How Much Does Your Ex Still Think About You?

Test: Do you still love your ex? Category: Relationship Description: take this quiz to find out if you still have feelings for your ex. If you could go back in time and change that day when you guys broke up Yes No. If you could choose only few words to describe the relationship you guys had, it would be

How would that lift your spirits?

Dating can be complicated, and when attempting to decide whether you should reconnect with a companion, there are often shades of grey. There is rarely a wrong answer in romances because each path you choose will lead somewhere eventually. Perhaps you and your partner had communication problems, and as a result, decided to take a break.

Test: Do you still love your ex?

Please leave empty:. It was all me. It was him.

You always answer their calls. You've answered their calls no matter how late it is. You always make an effort to see them, even if it's not reciprocated. You talk to them about your current relationship. You ask them for advice on everything — work, home, love, life. You always ask them for their opinion on something dealing with you.

Do you still like your ex-boyfriend?

Please leave empty:. Complicated feelings. Maybe, not sure. I can't remember. Is there any reason for this?

Feb 15, - Are you wondering if you're still hung up on your ex? Find out if his Entertainment Love and Romance. Quiz: Are You Over Your Ex? Are you still hung up on your ex? Take this quiz to find out. Every second my mind is flooded with thoughts of my ex. How often do you follow your ex on social media?

When a relationship ends either both parties end up hating each other, they continue to care for one another but acknowledge it will never work and move in their own directions, or one continues to pine for the other. The last scenario is always the most difficult at least, for the one pining and can make an already painful process even more brutal. Sometimes, however, these cases do come to a happy conclusion and the other person also decides the relationship is worth fighting for. But how can you know if this is the way your story will unfold? You can spend years waiting for your ex to change his mind and show up at your doorstep with a bouquet of roses and a rom-com worthy declaration of his undying love.

Ex-boyfriends can be hard to get over, total a--holes, bitter-sweet memories, one of the most important people in your life, weird martians, just about the worst people you've ever met, someone who will always be in your heart or even What do you think of your ex? What should you do with your ex?

In fact, being over your ex will help you enjoy a more meaningful connection with someone else. Dating may feel a little uneasy. Hearing stories about your ex may leave you unsettled. That means fighting past any anxiety and putting yourself out there again.





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