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We started with naturally nutritious high-quality whole grains packed with antioxidants, phytonutrients and prebiotic fibers. From there, countless nutrition studies and feeding trials at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center led to scientific breakthroughs that keep our formulas on the cutting-edge of equine nutrition and performance. Unique soy oil-molasses blend with lower sugar and higher fat than traditional cane molasses helps decrease bricking in winter and drying out in summer. Countless trials at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center and in the field verify exceptional palatability to support consistent nutrient intake, even in the pickiest eaters. Only ingredients that meet our stringent quality criteria make it into our mills and feed bags.

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Purina: Find Your Old Friend by The Martin Agency

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Skip to main content Purina Dry Dog Foods. The lamb food really helps our dog's coat to be more full and healthy. She had splotchy hair before we started feeding her this. And all of the other dogs want to eat her food so we have to hide it when dog friends come over.

It's also small enough for her tiny Pomeranian mouth, and she only has about half her teeth. See All Buying Options. My dog loves this food. She had a little issue with her last food, so we switched to this and she loves it all ways, wet, dry and mixed with any other food.

Couldn't be happier with the food or the price! In Stock. Corporation California USA. Our dog is very pickie when eating certain dog foods.

However, whe loves this brand and we know it is good for her. She is almost 11 years old. Thanks for the fast shipping. Add to cart. All my dogs like this dry food. I wanted to give my dogs a healthier dog food and decided on this.

Its very nutritious and my dogs enjoy it very much. I enjoy the lower price, compared to the other natural foods. I am hoping with this better dog food that my dogs will live healthier and longer. I recommend this! Not bad for the price and has lasted my little dog a long time.

I wish the quality was a little better on the food but my dogs seems do do okay. Jacobs Conroe, TX. Vet said this is a good food for our dog with doggie dementia and the dog appears to be improving since we put her on it. And one important thing is the dog actually likes the food too! I have 3 small dogs, they concur, this is their favorite dry dog food. They like the little chewy pieces best, one dog picks them out first, then goes back for the little crunchy ones.

Currently unavailable. Lopez Wisconsin. My dogs love their Incredibites. Perfect size for small dogs Miniature Pinchers. This is the only dog food I've tried that doesn't make my dog itch or give her an upset stomach.

Recently Purina changed the bag to green and made some minor changes to the recipe. The stores that carried it don't have it anymore. I think I will keep buying from Amazon because the bags are heavy, and the delivery man brings them to the door. Much better for an old lady; so much easier than getting them from the car to the door! Only dry dog I feed my dog; he absolutely loves it; he has been eating it for years. Recently purchased it on Chewy.

Best dog food out there. My black lab loves it. If you have a couch potato dog, this might not be for them. A friend has 2 English Pointers, we travel together sometimes with our dogs. His dogs preferred the Pro Plan Sport over theirs.

Got him to switch and he said there was a noticeable difference in the energy level and endurance while hunting. It was contagious, the game preserve we bird hunt at changed to Pro Plan as well, a kennel that has over 40 hunting dogs. Good stuff and a cheap price on Amazon over the major retailers, and shipped to your door step!

My dogs love this stuff! It does smell fishy, but it's made a difference in both my lab's and my aussie's coat and overall health. We are very happy with it! Its the only dry food that both of our dogs agree on.

Ingredients are good for them. I switched my dogs over to purina pro plan after my old lady dog developed skin problems. I made a lot of changes in their whole lifestyle to get her skin to clear up. I can't be sure what worked, but I am staying with this dog food since the girls have gotten used to it, they like it and it is better for them.

She is an 11 yr old Chihuahua and she licks her bowl clean every time! There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get free delivery with Amazon Prime.

The Martin Agency Reunites "April & Dixie" For Purina Mills

Skip to main content Purina Dry Dog Foods. The lamb food really helps our dog's coat to be more full and healthy. She had splotchy hair before we started feeding her this. And all of the other dogs want to eat her food so we have to hide it when dog friends come over.

Hey all! I am looking for my old horse I unfortunately had to sell before moving away to college. He was sold in August of by a woman named Megan M.

Purina is operating as normal, our supply chains are open and all efforts are being made to ensure we can keep the stores stocked with product as best as we can during these uncertain times. We ask everyone to shop as normally as possible and to be considerate to ensure everyone can get the food they need for their pets. Please be kind, patient and considerate to other shoppers and all store staff during what is an unsettling time for all. Enjoy the extra time at home with loved ones, your pets will no doubt love having you home. We are still here for you, if you need any assistance our Pet Care Advisors are still available on or AskPurina nz.

How social media can promote your practice (Sponsored by Nestlé Purina)

Skip to main content Purina Senior Dog Food. In Stock. My dogs have aged and it was time to move them onto the senior formula. We were using the Costco branded chicken flavor dog food before this, so that was a bit cheaper per serving but they do not make a senior diet formula so onto Purina One we go. This style of food has chunks of chicken and smaller kibble than the Costco food so that suits my little 15 pound dog a bit better. My Wife is a Vet Tech and she says this is one of the better mass foods out there, even better than the non prescription brands her hospital sells. I trust her expertise so my two older dogs feast on Purina One Senior Formula. Add to cart. Andy Anderson United States. If you share my skepticism regarding the miraculous health claims permeating out television and radio advertising, I think you will want to read this review.

Some bonds can never be broken

Remember when Purina made us all bawl around Christmas a few years ago with this emotional punch-in-the-gut of a commercial? Some bonds can never be broken. Okay, Horse Nation, have you gathered yourself? Have you wiped away the tears and can read again?

Don't have change-o-phobia when it comes to social media. Think of this new communication tool as a new drug or treatment.

In reality a one-year-old cat is much more mature than a seven-year-old child. This means if your cat is six years old, their equivalent cat age in human years will be around The true answer is that it depends, but indoor cats usually live longer than outdoor cats.

Purina Senior Dog Food

Some animals feel like family. And like family, we care about them, even after they've grown up and left home. When horses move on to new owners because of costs or life changes, people often lose track of their old friends. So far, the initiative has helped more than 50 people reconnect with their old friend, aided in part by the the more than 4, people who have joined the Facebook group.

Utilizing the power of social media, networking and geotargeting, FindYourOldFriend. Shoreview, Minn. Users are encouraged to network with each other to locate and trace horses in their regions and beyond. More than 1, members have joined the group since launching last week. Driven to unlock the greatest potential in every animal, the company is an industry-leading innovator offering a valued portfolio of complete feeds, supplements, premixes, ingredients and specialty technologies for the livestock and lifestyle animal markets.

Purina Launches Site to Reconnect Horses and Riders

Skip to main content Purina Horse Feed. After many illnesses and the loss of my horses life long companion, I found myself with my usually health happy Arabian diagnosed with Cushings. I put him on medication immediately and a low starch diet but was still battling weight and muscle loss. I slow introduced Amplify into his diet and after two buckets I felt like my guy was back. I'm going to start riding again and his energy is back.

Dec 13, - Purina created a community, Find Your Old Friend, to help individuals find their horses from the past. So far, the initiative has celebrated over.


Purina Dry Dog Foods


Purina Horse Feed




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