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How to make a girl to love you forever

In the age-old quest for a love potion to guarantee someone will love you forever, there's actually a much simpler and more direct route to ensure your beloved's undying love. True, it may take a little effort on your part, but it's got to be easier than slaying dragons or selling your soul to the devil as you might be required to if you were hoping to be granted an actual magic potion. Just saying. Ugh, I know.


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26 Texts That Will Make Your Girlfriend Love You Forever

The following notions intermingle. They are not rules but they can definitely give you glimpses of what many of us like, want and sometimes even need. He hugs you and makes you feel small, safe and secure. His arms feel more like home than any house ever did On average, men are stronger than women, it's a fact.

In most societies, men have been expected to be their women's protectors since the beginning of times and this need to feel physically safe and protected by their man is still present in many modern-day women. Don't give her a reason to feel jealous, don't give her a reason not to trust you and doubt you. For example: Don't like your ex's photos, don't go out with your ex as "friends", don't flirt with other women, don't compare her to other women duh.

Don't be inconsistent in showing your love to her , she can start worrying and start asking questions. Is something wrong with me? Why is he avoiding me? Does he really love me? Only a week ago he was telling me he loved me to the moon and back, so why is he ignoring me now? Make time for your woman! If you're busy you can postpone answering your other messages or phone calls and you can prioritize, making her, your work and your family your priority.

Women most times feel the constant need to be reassured, tell her you love her. Do small gestures of love and romance, kiss her, hold her hand, hug her. Often times, some men claim that women are "attention whores" and love to get attention from men. A woman in love doesn't care nor need the attention of any other man besides her own. I personally like to tease or even sometimes provoke him just to get a reaction! I prefer having a reaction even if it's a small argument over than feeling like he's not paying me enough attention!

Sometimes, when she pushes you away and asks you to leave her alone, it's just a cry for attention. She wants you to understand her and be there for her. If you don't keep watering the plant, it will die. Just like how her love can slowly decrease if she feels neglected.

If you don't make time for her she can slowly get used to not having you around her and the emotional distance may eventually make her stop loving you all-together or make her stop loving you the same way as she might of previously have. It will make her feel like you trust her but also value her opinion and advice. If you want a healthy relationship with her you can't be dismissing her and her entourage.

Respect her opinion. Respect her as a person. Respect her physical integrity obviously. Respect her feelings. And the list goes on Example: Your wife gained 20 pounds? First of all, if you truly love her you will still be attracted to her, just like if she truly loves you, she will still be attracted to you even after you start loosing your hair and growing a beer belly.

Instead of mocking her or disrespecting her , kingly and genuinely help improve her lifestyle primarily for her own good and health. You love her? You care about her? Show her that you do. Prove it. Actions speak louder than words.

I wanted to add: I'm not trying to claim that this is what every single woman wants or needs, but these are things that I gathered from many of my friends and from myself.

I actually expected some resistance. I'm impressed. You are very welcome. If you really believe that then she will end up with your money and leave you for someone who really cares about what matters. And it sure as hell ain't money. AlphaMale1 Don't worry, I assure you, that I do hate money It's like the saying goes no money no honey. That's why you don't date younger girls lol Wait till they're older, with their shit together, and out of the bratty stupid phase xD.

I have already wrote a Mytake about the things I want to do to my man,, months before I wrote this one, so shuush ;. Edymemelord Bitch who exactly did she shut down? Her page and a half essay of demands is a self-entitled picture perfect list that exceeds her partner's responsibility with points that aren't realistic at all. But I could care less what she asks of the people she deals with, all I asked was for an equally long list she'll willing to dish out, she showed it, that's it.

Now crawl back to whatever hole you crawled out of to comment that. Your "argument" was based on her not writing what she would do for men.

Yet there it is, perfectly there. AND even longer. Your point was then made null. None of this is hard or complicated, my fiance does it all perfectly. Edymemelord Where was the argument? I asked for a list, she gave me a list, I left. I didn't argue any points she made her, like I said, I could care less, I just wanted to see a list. Go look at the marriage and divorce statistics and see that from an analytical point your days together are numbered, we'll see how youyour fiance will do all of this that "perfectly".

Unless she's a bodybuilder or fighting sport master, I don't think she can offer number one. Haha :p Otherwise, a woman can totally offer the rest! On a side note this is good in theory and i feel at least half of it applies to both genders.

Well, what do you expect? We all have our demands that our partner needs to fulfill in order to be with them. The problem comes when they demand stuff from you, but they get mad when you demand from them. If you're not willing to fulfill your girl's demands, then you're not in the right place to make any demands. AleDeEurope I don't demand anything. If they don't have what I need I move on.

Yeah, but you're basically demanding they have what you want or you'll move on. AleDeEurope I see who they are.. No demands made I don't usually pick women that I'm not compatible with. Luvme66 if that is what you think then prove it.

MysteriousDarkness Not trying to define love I hope this proves it Luvme66 Why is it when you look up love you find hate as an antonym and vice versa.

When you look up apathy you do not find love as an antonym and vice versa. MysteriousDarkness first of all bro I go for logic not for printed material so Suit yourself. Luvme66 First time anyone has Ever told me that apathy is the opposite of love and not hate. MysteriousDarkness I too was a bit confused at first when I read it Good luck getting a girl thats worth something.

Then again you actually just want a sex doll so have fun with that c:. Yeah of course! Or it just means that the live wasn't ment to be. Sometimes you can be perfect to someone and it won't work and that's life. No ones fault. No, because if a man gives her ALL those, she will eventually lose respect for him and walk on him.

Seen it happen dozens of times. I met only 2 girls ever from there. First one I didn't give a fuck about her, it was planned before, got laid and she had a beta cuck guy she said who did all the stuff u wrote here. Second girl, I went on a legit date with. Pretty much fit the description of everything you said here. Not bitter, just an opinion.

14 Tips to Make Your Girlfriend Love You More

Logically, the main ways to show love to your girl is through giving her love, affection, attention and appreciating her. I do not mean that you be the kind of a guy who calls to check on his girl after every minute, just make her feel that she is among your first priorities. The best part is that when she discovers that you love her passionately, she will also overflow you with love. There no real love potions that exist to make a girl love you forever.

Hold her chair. She wants to hear them. If a guy can do all these tinz, Mehn!

Everyone wants to hear sweet and sincere words from someone who is deeply special to them. If you have a lady who captured your heart and you cannot imagine your life without her anymore, you can tell her something sweet and loving to make sure that she would feel the same way about you. Here are some sweet words to tell a woman to make her fall in love with you! Sometimes, it is just hard to find the right words.

How to Make Her Never Want to Leave You

You've managed to capture the interest of the girl of your dreams. She's everything you've ever wanted in a romantic partner, and you would do just about anything to remain in the relationship with her for as long as possible, if not forever. Now the only question that remains is: How do you keep her interest? Maintaining a healthy, loving relationship requires a lot of work, but it is possible with the help of much thoughtfulness and effort on your part. Practice open and honest communication within the relationship. Encourage her to share her thoughts and feelings with you and, in return, share your thoughts and feelings with her. Poor communication is among the leading causes of failed relationships. If your girl does not feel as though she can express her feelings, thoughts, concerns, wants or needs without you getting annoyed with her, she could end the relationship out of frustration. Respect her individuality.

How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

Subscribe To Our Newsletter! What you can do is increase the odds you will get the girl you want by following these expert and practically proven tips. She just wants you to listen so she can work it out. Of course if she asks for your advice, you should give it.

The following notions intermingle.

Keeping the love alive and passionate means you want it to last forever. Check out these 15 tips on how to make your girlfriend love you even more than she does now. Be yourself.

How to Make a Girl Crazy For You And Keep Her Forever

Men are like dogs and women are like cats. Guess What happens when I neglect that cat and ignore? She is on my lap or rubbing up on my leg.

When you find a girl you love, keeping her happy and content becomes your priority. Getting a girl to fall in love with you is one thing, but keeping her love and attention is another. Finding a balance of making her feel special and being the best partner you can be is key. Relationships can be a lot of work, but the rewards are always worth it! Laura Bilotta.

How to Make Her Love You Forever

I want to be with you forever. I want to grow old with you. I want us to be together and never break up. The way that it works is that a woman will go along with whatever relationship dynamic that you create and maintain. Great, so they stay together then! Yet, if he changes and becomes insecure and clingy and jealous then okay, she is stuck with an insecure, clingy and jealous guy. Therefore her feelings are not going to change and she will begin to think about breaking up with him or cheating on him and then getting into a relationship with the new man.

Jun 29, - I trust your opinion more than anyone else's. You are the perfect woman. I don't know how it's possible, but I think I love you even more.

I hate not being able to reach over and grab your hand. I just heard a song that reminds me of us. You made me change my mind about marriage.

How to Keep the Girl You Love

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Hold her chair. She wants to hear them. You just want to die young. AgbenuAnna : getting a girl have now become a Job?

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