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It's not that hard, boys. If you're busy, that's okay Nothing will ruin a relationship faster than conflict between the boyfriend and the best friends. They may not be your favorite people, but keep a positive relationship with them. And do not, under any circumstances, get mad at her for wanting to spend time with her friends without you.

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A Good Boyfriend Will Do These 38 Things Without Being Asked

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He is your number one fan. He is the first one to congratulate you when you passed all your subjects. He makes the layout of your tarpaulin when you were awarded as cum laude. He delivers the news to everyone when you win a certain contest. He may not carry cheerleading pompoms, but you he makes you feel that you are a superstar. Even during your losing moments, he will still be very proud of you. Even if you feel like a pathetic loser, he will make you feel like a winner.

He does not fail to text and call you. It may not be like your usual exchange of texts or length of conversations, but then he will make it a point to update you about how he is. You seem to have a personal doctor. He knows your health conditions and restrictions. He has also memorized the medicine or whatever you need to take when you feel sick. And when you do, he takes care of you. But even if he is not beside you, you will still feel his care and he will always wish that you get well soon.

He hates it whenever you cry. He feels really terrible. He feels like he is the worst guy on the world. And he will do everything just to wipe away the tears on your eyes.

A bird? A plane? He is just your guy. He is your unmasked superhero, your angel in disguise. When someone does something wrong to you or terribly hurts your feelings, the bitch mode in him suddenly switches on.

He does not get angry with you when you are too busy. He understands well the nature of your work, he cheers you up when you feel so damn tired and when it is possible, he gives you a helping hand to make your tasks easier. Inspiration—he gives you so much of this. Whenever thoughts of giving up on your dream bothers you, just thinking of him will make you want to aspire and strive further.

He is your biggest support system. He makes you feel good when you feel so nervous the day before your thesis defense. He gives the comfort you need whenever you feel like the world is against you. He takes you somewhere when you feel bad. No matter how hard the problems you are facing, he will convince you that you are strong enough and you can do it.

Religion is never a BIG issue between the two of you. Also, it has never put your relationship at stake because you understand each other. He trusts you and he assures you that you can trust him too. You cannot deny that both of you get jealous at times, but at the end of the day, you still know that you are his only one. No matter how many girls admire him, you are confident that they can never take him away from you. He never gets tired of telling you how much he loves you.

Actions speak louder for him too. He does not just say that he loves you, he shows it. He holds your hand, brushes your hair, massages you, hugs you, kisses you, puts his hand on your shoulder, brings you home, buys you food, and every little thing he can do just to make you feel loved. Yes, you really love giving him presents and he appreciates that, but then, if you really cannot, it does not matter with him.

He makes you feel beautiful. He tells you how cute you are and how his thoughts about how your new dress suits you perfectly. You may not be the hottest chick in the campus or the one with the prettiest face, but then in his eyes, no one can exceed your loveliness. You feel safe around him. But then, when he is with you, you are carefree and you feel guarded because you know he protects you.

You have fights and conflicts every now and then but it has never become unhealthy or toxic for you. You learn to forgive and accept everything about him. And the best thing is that, it makes your relationship grow much stronger. He shares his dreams with you. He tells you if he wants to take up Law or if he wants to enroll at a film school someday.

He also lets you know his dream place to live in and the list of the destinations he wants to travel to. Somehow, this makes you feel a part of his future. He believes in forever with you. He wants you to be the girl he will marry when he reaches the age of 24 or He will do everything just to keep you in his life. You become a better person through him. No matter what kind of person you were, you feel like he has brought out all the best in you.

He does not change the way you are. You are still the same person as you were when he met you, you have only become more amazing and a whole lot tougher. He effortlessly makes you love him more every day. You are happy and contented with whatever you have as a pair. You know that your relationship has its own flaws and can never be perfect, but who cares anyway? You love each other so much and it is the most important thing for both of you.

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If You Want To Be A Good Boyfriend, Do These 22 Things

Be honest, look good and fight their corner. Here's how to avoid the common pitfalls and be the best boyfriend you can possibly be. How do I know? But they can get all that crap in the comments underneath their Insta photos. Relationships are conversations, not broadcasts.

Being a good boyfriend isn't always easy, even if you have an amazing partner. A good boyfriend knows when to talk, and when to listen; when to offer advice, and when to offer empathy; when to shower them with attention, and when to give her some space.

Support whenever you need it A good boyfriend has your back — always. He will understand your communication needs and meet them without being asked to do so. He never gives you a reason to worry about anything because he wants you to feel as certain as he does about your relationship. There will be zero jealousy or passive aggressive comments about you going out without him.

How to Be a Good Boyfriend: 4 Mistakes to Avoid

Maybe you're lucky enough to be in a great relationship with a woman you love, or perhaps you're planning for the bliss of partnered life some time in the near future. But how do you go from being a bumbling, ordinary guy to a dream boyfriend that women brag about? Start here! Active listening is a skill. Focus instead on allowing your girlfriend to fully say her piece, whether she's telling a small, throwaway story or delving into a deep and meaningful relationship. Sex is important to women, too. Need more detail? Check out these articles on how to have a better sex life. Be clear about the boundaries from the start, and stick to them.

40 Things a Great Boyfriend Does for His Girlfriend

Take candid pictures of you, because he wants as many as he can fit in his phone. Bring home a doggy bag full of food when he goes out for dinner without you. Ask you to move in with him. Or to marry him. Ari has absolutely no interest in visiting the island resort where traumatic memories are repressed.

In order to be truly honest with you, though, he should feel comfortable telling you his real thoughts or, if not, he should be able to push past the discomfort for the sake of your relationship. During the early days of a relationship, he might guard you from certain aspects of his personality, so pay close attention to his interactions with others—particularly waitstaff, subordinates, and strangers.

How much do you know about dinosaurs? What is an octane rating? And how do you use a proper noun? Lucky for you, HowStuffWorks Play is here to help.

Men With These 10 Personality Traits Make The Best Boyfriends

To keep your girlfriend happy and ensure that she wants to stay with you for life, you need to commit to the idea of loving her, as well as being the type of man that she can be proud of in every way. Being a good boyfriend is easy to do, as long as you have the right mindset and attitude. Love her for who she is and be patient as both of you grow together in the relationship.

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He is your number one fan. He is the first one to congratulate you when you passed all your subjects. He makes the layout of your tarpaulin when you were awarded as cum laude. He delivers the news to everyone when you win a certain contest. He may not carry cheerleading pompoms, but you he makes you feel that you are a superstar. Even during your losing moments, he will still be very proud of you.

21 Signs You Have A Great Boyfriend

What are the things that a great boyfriend does for his girlfriend? There are countless feats he can do for his true love , and here are some of them. When he buys a gift for his girlfriend, he will spend a lot of time looking and selecting for the best. He will even sacrifice his little money left just to get that special gift for her. He gives from the bottom of his heart.

May 6, - Even if you feel like a pathetic loser, he will make you feel like a winner. 3. He does not fail to text and call you. Whether they are “good morning”.

Sign Up! I am all about sisterhood; I never pull a woman down out of spite. In fact, one of the reasons I like to write about relationships is so that several other women can benefit from it and we can have our own girl gang, but online. And that way, we can at least not feel alone in what we experience. We are all in this together and we deserve love that makes us shine.

Don't even think about getting married before you check this list! It's exciting to find a man who's ready to stop playing dating games and start focusing on what one woman — you — have to offer in relationships, but before you even consider committing to him as "boyfriend and girlfriend", let alone think seriously about getting married and making him your husband, it's critical to know which personality traits to look for as signs that he will actually be a good boyfriend and, potentially, a good husband. You can use this "checklist" of sorts as a guide to understanding what you should look for when it comes to deciding whether or not a man is worthy of you or an investment of your time.

A few disclaimers: yes, I'm aware that this list is pretty much the grossest to anyone who hate-clicked on it. I'm also aware that it is super heteronormative — we have an article about " little ways you know you have a good girlfriend " as well, for what it's worth. Additionally, most of the items on this list are just things that make you a good partner, period. I think that many of the traits that we say distinguish a good boyfriend or partner, or man, or whichever word you prefer are often considered "normal" traits in a woman.

A relationship should be full of constant reminders of how much you and your partner love each other. Having someone that can lighten your mood by making you laugh is so very important.




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