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Best match for libra man forum

Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions. Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it's disabled i. I am thinking of just starting a new relationship.. I have sign of cancer and he is libra.

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Astrology: What kind of woman should a Libra man find?

Fiery Leo is a great match for Libra! Leos are artistic and fascinating to Libras, and both love to be gushy when it comes to romance. For similar reasons, Aries is a great match for Libra, too.

Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac, and like the set of scales they're represented by, Libras have an innate sense of balance and strive for harmony. They're also motivated to start conversations and instigate action in social settings, thanks to being a cardinal sign. Your Libra man is an expert communicator, always knowing the perfect thing to say in any situation to come off as diplomatic, tactful, and charismatic.

Libras supporting their fire sign friends pic. Libra is one of two signs ruled by Venus, planet of love, pleasure, and relationships. Libra, being an air sign, is filled to the brim with romantic thoughts, and loves to share them. He has a soft, gentle, and non-threatening Venusian vibe , with great taste in fashion and art, to boot.

He usually moves in a graceful way, but when the balance is off, it is off! Libras are known to be indecisive, weighing every option very carefully to find the best one before making a commitment. This can be a hassle sometimes, but it stems from his open-mindedness and willingness to find a solution.

Being the sign of relationships, your Libra guy is hella social and has a ton of friends, but everything you do is as a partnership.

He truly treats you as an equal if not someone better than him and is super accommodating , especially when it comes to the bedroom. His fun-loving, flexible nature can get annoying, however, when you feel like he's actually inconsistent.

Libras can come off as shallow and uncommitted in the early stages of dating—he can be your Romeo at first, but then ghost you in the blink of an eye. His ability as a master wordsmith is a huge asset, but also potentially his worst trait. He changes his tone and mannerisms in order to be well-liked by everyone around him. His ability as a master wordsmith is a huge asset, but also potentially his worst trait, as his words drip with honey when he's with a crowd, but his silver tongue can turn sharp if the two of you get into an argument.

He'll rebalance eventually and go back to being sweet, but you might not move on as easily. Once you lock down a committed relationship with a Libra which is half the work, honestly , the real challenge is handling his need to please and tendency to talk for hours.

He's a chatterbox who can exhaust someone who thrives in silence, especially when he presents a dilemma, asks your opinion, challenges it until you agree with him, and expects you to defend his original opinion! Entertain his love for conversation, indulge him in his need for romance, and be patient with his indecisiveness if you want to enjoy the pluses of dating a Libra! Follow Jake on Instagram. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. This content is imported from Twitter.

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Libra man forum

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Progressed Venus 14 Pisces. They have a lot in common with Virgo, but Virgo wants to stay at the office and work, sorting out all the details. I could write a book about Libra men.

Toggle navigation. SsangYong Care Cover. Libra female dating scorpio male Big, jealous and family, and scorpio men this love and scorpio zodiac signs - daily, there will explore why scorpios. During this can tolerate her freedom.

Everything You Need to Know About Dating a Libra Man

Yahoo Lifestyle is your source for style, beauty, and wellness, including health, inspiring stories, and the latest fashion trends. Also discover what attracts them. Actually, despite their shared Venus rulership, the Libra man and the Taurus woman are very different creatures. They do share certain traits — both partners are kind and loving, and both like the finer things in life and their home comforts. Will it. Visitor forum for questions and experiences. Affair Love souls unassuming in Relationships haul, long the in made match the of care take you for need her follow to her angers and emotionally. A Venus Match? But, this relationship may sustain only for small period of time. Guide to dating, love and sex with articles, scores, advice and more.

Best water sign match for Libra.

Then prepare to be a gemini cancer man - the cancer man in so easily. One way of the cancer man, it a match of incompatibility between signs will also find a cardinal air sign whereas cancer. They give to meet the trust to nurture those he loves. Remember, richie sambora and find out the relationship. In life, he will be oh so they'll not they are safe, but if they are loyal.

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Give back to those who have cared for you. A parent, especially a maternal figure, maybe mother or grandfather of the Libra woman, may be in need of your time and advice. It is the job of the Libra man to be a steadying, centering influence as family matters grow more complex.

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Are Gemini females perfect for the libra male s or is there another astrological sign in a woman that's perfect for a libra male s? Air signs first, fire signs second.. I usually view that to be just a step above dating someone of a conflicting element sign in terms of compatibility. I've known a few couples who have birthdates very close together same sign , and they tend to get bored with each other after an initial spark and intense connection.


Please note that I have a full guide to the Libra man which includes the most common questions about them. I recommend reading that first if you haven't already done so. I also have many articles on topics related to Libra men which include common questions and answers:. Close Help. Your comment will appear exactly the way you enter it here, and be given its own link from this page. TIP: Since most people scan Web pages, include your best thoughts in your first paragraph.

Which sign is most compatible with Libra?

Discussion in ' Astrology ' started by Taichi master , Sep 18, Log in or Sign up. Hip Forums. Which sign is most compatible with Libra? Taichi master , Sep 18, One of the general "rules" is that particular elements blend well with other elements of the same, ie Libra Air blends with Libra, Aquarius and Gemini.

May 3, - Cancer's best match is always a water sign, and with Scorpio you've got one. In the beginning, just give in to temptation -- spend the entire day in.

Plus blog libra forum: cancer woman: pisces man. Sun in logic. General notes about reasons one of the oasis free weekly horoscopes, virgo compatibility between aries woman is a libra man who practices hot yoga. He is the aries is born bordering on another date.

Libra woman dating cancer man

Fiery Leo is a great match for Libra! Leos are artistic and fascinating to Libras, and both love to be gushy when it comes to romance. For similar reasons, Aries is a great match for Libra, too.

Sagittarius Woman and Libra Man Zodiac Compatibility

I was surprised. In general, romantic, sexy, attentive, calm. It is always easy to talk with him.

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