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Does find my friends work overseas

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Before, we had to call our loved ones, or to wait for them to call us in order to let them know where we are, to know that we are safe and sound. Today, things are a bit different. Instead of using regular forms of communication phone calls, chat apps, or social networks we can just share our location with persons we care about using advanced apps. Location sharing has seen a massive rise in popularity during recent years because it is a quick and easy way to let others know our location and information that can be handy in many different scenarios. We already mentioned one potential use; informing our friends and family of our location so they can know where we are at all times.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: How to Use Find My iPhone to Track Your Lost or Stolen iOS Device


Four ways to share your exact location with family (and why)

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They are old enough to be able to venture out on their own. We have both iPhones and androids. We might not all have network connectivity.

Is there an app that will work for us? Any suggestions? Grandma could use a little peace of mind. But Verizon phones are not locked anymore, unless they are prepaid or ancient phones, so you could buy SIM cards for them in Europe. The phones themselves have GPS without any connectivity in Europe, so no SIM card or roaming service needed - but without WiFi the user of the phone won't be able to communicate. So you could call each other or even call US landlines handy for calling your airline or credit card company back home.

Andrew, I am in the US. Thank you for the compilation of Internet provider information. Google Hangouts is also a good idea. Is there a way or an app that can monitor their GPS signal without being on the Internet? Like offline maps? With mSpy it appears the person being monitored must be on the Internet. I wasn't suggesting anyone in your family switch providers. Because the EU has largely done away with roaming charges, you would need to buy only one SIM per phone, if you need to buy one.

The GPS function of the phone works with or without internet connection. If you were trying to do say mapping, you'd need the internet to download the maps to make the GPS useful - or do "offline" maps. But if you want to track someone else's phone, that phone still emits GPS without being on the internet. However, YOUR phone to track someone would need an internet connection for that to be useful, I'd guess.

I've never used a GPS "tracker" app but there seem to be some free ones. Get two phones and try it out. Search for "GPS tracker" apps. I found one simply called "GPS tracker" by googling. I'd still find it useful for family members you don't say how old the kids are to be able to communicate back with the adults beyond just having a GPS tracking device the phone in their pockets.

That's why I mentioned the other stuff. My friend and her family use life It includes GPS tracking. GPS is a passive system. By means of triangulation to several satellites the gps system of the phone or car gps device can work out where it is.

It doesn't emit any gps signal. The only ones are from 20, km overhead. What various apps can do is take the location as worked out by the device and follow that, sending the information to other devices either by cellular data or wifi data. Either way, there is no way for any phone to work out the position of any other phone other than by internet or possibly bluetooth but only within a few feet and then you wouldn't need a tracker. OK, now I have homework to do. My phone will be on the Internet.

I will try out using a GPS tracker to see how it works. I appreciate all your help. Congrats on the th post! Please sign in to post.

Start by getting an inventory of the phones people have. Namely, what service do they use? Thank you for your replies. Maybe I should quit here. Find My iPhone works the same way, as does the find a friend part of Google Maps. Thank you to everybody for all the information.

The good and bad of location sharing

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Thanks to the Find My feature an iOS 13 combination of the apps Find My iPhone and Find My Friends , it's possible to know exactly where your iPhone is at any time — which is great for those occasions when you misplace your phone, but is even more critical if it's ever stolen. And phone tracking isn't limited to your own iPhone. Using Family Sharing, you can check on the location of up to five important people in your life as well. If that prospect sounds a bit creepy, don't worry; everyone has to opt into this feature, so you can't track a spouse or kid without their permission. On the next page, tap the switch next to "Share My Location" so it turns green.

A Complete Guide to Using Your iPhone Abroad: For Dummies

This article is going to tell you why Find My Friends location will not available for friends and how to fix it with several methods. Find My Friends, an app released by Apple, is a handy way to link up with friends. As a location tool, it enables you to easily locate your friends and family from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch. At the same time, you can also treat it as a tool for conveniently carrying out plans and ensuring safety among family members, and friends. The issue of Find My Friends Location not available for friends may due to a variety of different reasons, such as:. Actually, there are more unforeseen reasons may cause this problem. So, how to fix it, the following will show you the traditional methods for Find My Friends location not available issue.

Tracking family while in Europe. Is there an app?

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This post first appeared in the San Jose Mercury News. Two recent news stories about cell phone location services recently caught my eye.

Do you know where your family is? You do now with these handy apps designed to share or track locations using your phone. Peace of mind is priceless. Checking in on a family member in is much easier than ever, and perhaps less invasive, too.

Best Location Sharing Apps – Share your Location With your Friends

They are old enough to be able to venture out on their own. We have both iPhones and androids. We might not all have network connectivity.

And obviously you have to give your consent before anyone can see where you are. He lost his footing and plunged 60 feet into a steep gully, injuring his head as he did so. He had his phone with him and called the emergency services, in this case the Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team. This was a disaster, right? The app uses GPS and so the rescuers could see his exact location and were able to find him. However, he was finally winched to safety by a rescue helicopter, transferred to hospital and later released having only suffered bruising.

What to Do if Your iPhone is Lost or Stolen While Traveling

Some people really love the Find My Friends app because the app can help you find your friends whether or not they contact you. But there are some downsides to this app because hackers and thieves can hack into your Find My Friends account and possibly locate you without your permission. Imagine, too, if your phone falls into the wrong hands. Pros of Find My Friends This app makes it easy and fun to locate where your friends and family are. All you have to do is request for them to add you as a contact on the app, and once you accept, you will be given access to where they are. There are also many privacy controls on the app that are very helpful. The app is also great because it can help you keep your friends safe. Cons of Find My Friends One downside to the app is that it does cost money to use.

Jun 19, - Same thing happens when you turn a wifi iPad or iPod off. Find my iPhone is unable to locate it. Just get a prepaid SIM card while you're in.

How to use Airplane mode and Wi-Fi 2. How iMessage and FaceTime work overseas 3. Best apps for texting overseas 4.

How to Fix “Find My Friends Location Not Available” On iPhone

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Here Are the Pros and Cons of Find My Friends

Once on the train, I impulsively reached for my iPhone, as usual, only to find it was no longer there. I looked at my wife with wide eyes. And then it hit me: I had been pick-pocked.

Announcement: We've updated our Terms of Use. Apple is committed to protecting your Community experience.

The moment you realize your iPhone has been lost, or even worse, stolen is terrifying. You quickly realize just how much information is stored on your phone , and the stress is only compounded by the fact that you're now cut off from the outside world. But while I have your attention, let's make sure you have a passcode set up and Find My iPhone enabled so you'll have the best chance at getting your phone back. Those people are wrong. Setting a passcode and using your face or fingerprint to protect all of the information on your phone is a vital part of keeping your personal information secure.

The fastest way to find your lost or stolen iPhone

Sharing your location with others was never easier than today. We can use our mobile devices and their first-party solutions to share our location, we can use most of the social networks for the purpose of letting others know where we are, or we can just use one of the specialized apps. So, if you ask us, the best way to use location-sharing feature is via first and third-party apps. Also, you can turn the feature off at any given moment with just a few taps. Since there are more and more apps offering the location-sharing feature every day, we choose the best and feature them here.


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