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Or browse results titled :. Streaming and Download help. Report this album or account. Through the Mirror by Endon.



Boy Meets Girl

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A cop knelt and kissed the feet of a priest, and the queer threw up at the sight of that. Add or read comments. Add or read comments Reload this page to update the song info. Listener comments! Post a comment! C WFMU. View Marcel M's profile. Empty Hands, Hollow Hymns. Somewhere in the Evening.

Starvation Army. Burning Myrrh. Loud as Laughter. Demonic Velocities. Doubt as a Source. Male Disorder. Paramount Lobby. The Repetition of Purity Pt.

The Rain like Curses. A Testament. Deaf Convulsion Slaying. Entanglement Synapse Ache. Hatehouse Star Club, Birmigham, England. But we like it. I had Tim on the show with, The Barker Trio.

Good to be back doing a normal show. I've yet to answer that that question. I guess it's up to each individual listener to decide if it still is? Sound, or no sound, is music to us all Salud, mate! Who's on first. Who's on 3rd. I was listening while watching one of those screaming TV pastors. Amazing how well that works. I can imagine that would sync up nicely. Thank you to all who pledged in the marathon! I try. Not really.

I saw it Coel, thank you! I saw them tour with Boris. One of the best out there IMO. Good stuff. Glad you are hanging. I loved the EP when it came out. Thanks Marcel and take care everyone. Thanks Marcel! See you next week! Berger -- but ugh, i may have to work :. Enable Javascript for more options!

Album Review: Endon – Boy Meets Girl

A cop knelt and kissed the feet of a priest, and the queer threw up at the sight of that. Add or read comments. Add or read comments Reload this page to update the song info.

Or browse results titled :. Streaming and Download help.

Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. Edit Artist. Japanese experimental acoustic collective from Tokyo First gathered in in order to bring a decisive rally on contemporary extreme music. In addition to a conventional band formation of vocal, guitars, and drums, there are two additional electronics performers, allowing them to create harsh, distinctive sounds in various chaotic mix of styles ranging from noise, hard core, black metal, industrial, to grind core, through an absolutely physical embodiment of pure hard core mentality. Their staging can be characterized as a plethora of physical and acoustic momentum, with destructive performances involving self-mutilation and bleeding, receiving high critical acclaims in the underground live scenes and are touted as one of the most exciting acts.

RIFF Magazine

The wonderful noise that Endon make continues to astound and on their fantastically abrasive new album Boy Meets Girl , it gets even more berserk and even more thrilling as the album unfolds. The album is pitched as the soundtrack to a horror film about love and as it pounds your eardrums into submission that description makes perfect sense. A wall of sheer noise greets you as soon as the albums opening title track explodes with a grinding detonation that is enhanced with some of the most unhinged vocals, courtesy of Taichi Nagura, to grace a record since the late Iron Monkey frontman Johnny Morrow screeched and poured his lungs out through Our Problem. These vocals seem to be competing over that wall of noise with some fine industrial style riffing and they complement each other superbly. From start to finish this is a furious ride that only lets up with its intensity to unsettle the listener and this works extremely well. Regular visitor? Please consider a small subscription to help us keep the site running.

Etsuo Nagura (Endon) has died

Or browse results titled :. Endon Tokyo, Japan. Streaming and Download help. Report this track or account.

Endon uses misshapen riffs, grinding harshness and inhuman shrieks to evoke the most disturbing love story ever told.

Notorious in Japan during their early years for dangerous and violent shows, the band has since channeled all of their aggressive energy solely into the music they create, as well as making a name for themselves in the Western underground music scene. And it seems as though there are few who disagree. Shortly after this introduction, vocalist Taichi Nagura begins to gasp and hyperventilate into the microphone. The sustained guitar feedback and industrial sequencing weave their way through the rest of the track, even when Nagura begins to scream at the top of his lungs while the instruments pick up tempo and enter crust punk territory.

(((O))) Review: Endon – Boy Meets Girl

Posted by Christopher Luedtke on March 5, at pm. Anyone even a little familiar with underground Japanese metal or hardcore should know that it's no stranger to violence and experimentation. From the live performances of G.

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Endon Make Some Serious Noise with New Single “Doubts As a Source”

Porn and sexual violence are much more frequent themes and contextual interests; you can click here , but buckle up. Boy Meets Girl might be a sort of intervention in that situation. To be sure, ENDON supply no account of a cute meet, or any other soft-headed aesthetic treatment of romance. Girls are pink, boys are blue. A blue mood? Blue balls? Why is Nagura screaming so much?

"Boy Meets Girl". 2. "Heart Shaped Brain". 3. "Born Again". 4. "Doubts As A Source". 5. "Love Amnesia". 6. "Final Acting Out". 7. "Red Shoes". 8. "Not For You".








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