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Find a man who loves jesus

Faith , Marriage. In: Faith. I see it everywhere. Marry the guy who loves Jesus.

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Love of Christ

I thought that chemistry, how he treated me, and his accepting, open-minded personality was enough. I was tired of judgmental, hypocritical, boring Christian men. Thankfully, God stepped in. Last month I married a man who loves Jesus more than he loves me. And I could not be happier.

Just see how it goes. Now you might as well mess around with the next one. You deserve to have some innocent fun. Marriage is like, a decade away. What are you supposed to do for ten years — be bored? Everyone has sex before marriage. And everyone ends up with a husband and happy in the end.

You need to experience everything before you settle down and only have sex with one man for the freaking rest of your whole entire life. And I was the girl with the best intentions, the highest standards, and the most reasonable head on my shoulders. Maybe you got there a little differently, but it ended us both in the same place.

Why did it happen? Because life happens. Because we get hurt. And because too often as Christian girls, we are given the rules with no explanations. Because sin is sin is sin, right? About men. About myself. About sex. About dating. About marriage.

About life. You have to respect him, too. If you question it now, you can expect it to be wholly sabotaged when things get rough. Last week, my man hit rock bottom. Your identity is defined by God. For a while, I told myself that if he understood every part of me except for the God part — that was okay. And your man does not see that you — he sees a different woman. God is our rock, and our foundation. Max cannot be my savior. I cannot be his.

And both of us need one. And he will try to be your savior. And he can not. Lifelong friendships are built not on similar interests, but on similar views of the world. Marriages are no different.

It is said that marriages do not fail for lack of love, but lack of friendship. The love that lasts a lifetime. The lay-down-your-life-for-someone-kind-of-love. If you want to truly be loved by a man, you need to find one who has experienced unconditional, sacrificial love as is defined by God, the author of it. Believing or not believing is irrelevant; what matters is their active relationship with Jesus.

Dopamine is the chemical that drives you back to pleasurable things. In its most innocent form, it teaches a small child that puppies are awesome. In its most powerful form, it creates a natural addiction to the person you are physically involved with. You were created to be addicted to someone for the rest of your life. The addiction starts the moment dopamine is triggered and begins to flood your brain. The question is: are you created an addiction to something healthy, or unhealthy?

When Oxytocin is triggered, it teaches your mind to trust, and reduces fear. Or both. If you'd like to donate, you can here. We're also doing fun stuff on Tumblr , Instagram , and Pinterest! This entry was posted on October 6, It was filed under Dating.

I feel like this article just encompasses it all. I thank God everyday that he sabotaged this puppy love relationship I almost had with a guy who didn't love Jesus. I saw him for what he was and I ran. God absolutely protected me and I am so thankful, but I know plenty of girls who ignore God's warnings and fall into terrible things.

Thank you so much for this. I am so glad someone else is able to hear it before it gets worse for them—before they have to deal with someone breaking their trust or their heart.

This was the first post I ever read of yours…and it allowed me to re-ground myself at a time when I was allowing my foundation in Christ to crumble due to a broken heart. Thank you for these words of wisdom, affirmation and love. I so appreciate your vulnerability and brutal, but loving, honesty.

You are one of the many beautiful mouth pieces of God— and what a blessing for that! Great post! I saw myself in this post as if I was looking in a mirror at the "me" of many years ago. Thank God— literally, I do— that He broke in and changed this man's heart. Because my heart was long gone, and it was the only way to get it back. Thanks for speaking a hard truth, Lauren.

Girl-this rocked. Every bit of it. I did the same thing and tried to date guys that "almost fit" and now that I am married to a man who loves God more than me, I am shocked I ever thought it could work out otherwise.

Praise God for grace : So excited for you and your marriage! This is one of my favorite verses to describe my husband and I's marriage you can steal it too: : Song of Solomon …this is my beloved and this is my friend. You rock, again. I have to say that I don't know if I entirely agree with this. I feel like there are so many healthy, functional, loving relationships out there between people who have different beliefs.

And what about all those really healthy, happy, functional couples who do not love Jesus equally? What do you say to them? That their love, friendship and companionship isn't blessed by God? I just feel like there is a lot of black and white in this. I feel like I'm still sorting out a lot in my faith life, and I would never want someone to quit me just because I didn't love Jesus enough.

Every person has a journey and a story and to suggest that there is no room for the gray seems to be the anthesis of what this site is designed for. One of the things I really admire about the GWP is the acceptance of the gray matter. And maybe some would say that I'm just not willing to hear the hard truth. Except I know people who have a brilliant, healthy, functional love who are not in the space place spiritually but accept the other person for who they are.

One final thought: while I think I understand what you're trying to say about being addicted to someone, that jumps out to me as being kind of unhealthy. I don't want to be addicted to anyone. Yes, I want a partner who I can share my life with, including all the good and bad things.

But do I want to be addicted to them? Not so much. Growing up in a household where addictions were prevalent, I am a little weary of being addicted anything, let alone a person who is flawed by nature. To me, that screams unhealthy and co-dependent.

Been there. Had to do a lot of praying and thinking about my life one day that changed me for the better. I thought I could depend on a man to make me feel good about myself, and I got hurt a lot.

Marry the Man Who Loves Jesus

In this uncertain time there is One you may depend on for now and eternity. He is the same yesterday, today and forever - stable and dependable in every way. Prayerfully, this book will introduce you to Him. Jesus Christ is alive and loves you. Call upon Him while He is near.

He picked up my grapes in the college cafeteria when I dropped them. I thanked him.

I used to feel so guilty when I was single. I felt guilty for longing for a husband and for not letting Jesus fill the void in my heart. I felt guilty that Jesus was not enough for me, because deep down I longed to be in a relationship, to find true love, to hurry up and get married. As much as I loved Jesus with all of my heart, there still seemed to be room for someone else, a place in my heart that had not yet been filled. Jesus was my Savior, my Redeemer, and my Love, but I never was able to make him my boyfriend.

True Love Dates: Jesus Can’t Be Your Boyfriend

Consolatus C. Okorondu can help. Drawing on her personal relationship with God and many of her life experiences, Okorondu explores the supreme definition of love and how it can offer us liberation from the darkness within our souls. With an in-depth look at scriptures from the Holy Bible, Okorondu shares how true love will always lead you to peace and harmony toward God, others, and yourself. Learn how the fruits of love-patience, understanding, acceptance, consideration, honesty, forgiveness, and communication-are the key to successful relationships with others, whether it be your family, your spouse, your friends, or even your co-workers. Okorondu also shares different personal interpretations of love from others to reveal how the common human experience unites us all. But at its heart, Discover the Secret of True Love shows the awesome love that God has for each of his children. Find inner peace with the love from our almighty Father and renew your spirit! Okorondu was born and raised in a Christian family. Okorondu is a registered nurse who lives and works in Massachusetts.

Dating Someone Who Loves Jesus More Than You

Email Address. Chad is usually late coming home from work. A pastor, he gets caught up in his studying or his sermon-listening or his counseling. I suspect sometimes he gets caught up in watching cat videos on the internet. I vividly remember one day when he was running late, and I was worn out and irritated and frustrated.

And God blessed them, and God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it. Genesis 1.

The love of Christ is a central element of Christian belief and theology. The theme of love is the key element of Johannine writings. In that gospel, love for Christ results in the following of his commandments, the Farewell Discourse stating: "If a man loves me, he will keep my word".

Marry A Man Who Loves Jesus

The questions we all want answers to: How do we know if the guy or girl we are thinking about dating is totally in love with Jesus? How do we know if he or she is running after God with everything? Comment below and share how you have decided if a guy or girl totally loves Jesus. How did God reveal this to you?

Jesus, Jews and Jihad. Marvin Yakos. Freedom demands it. Truth demands it even more. The free world is gradually awaking to the rising peril of fundamental Islam and needs to understand the threat at its deepest level. We're suddenly faced with shocking realities, laws, customs, religious traditions and profound doctrines of holy war we may not fully comprehend.

He Loves Jesus More Than He Loves Me

There is something unique about allowing your heart to be vulnerable to another human being. Relationships provide that opportunity. Your actions, decisions, language, emotions, wants and desire begin to echo and mirror theirs. I recognize that nobody is perfect, but this knowledge creates in my heart a level of desire and expectation for the person I walk alongside in a relationship. I'm learning that the gamechanger to a relationship is dating someone who loves Jesus — and dating someone that loves Jesus more than you. Jesus has a way of filling believers with an overwhelming amount of joy. When a person is pursuing a relationship with the Lord and preaching the Gospel to themselves each and every day, they allow Jesus to work in their lives. They allow Jesus to open their eyes to all His beauty and wonderful works.

He is the man whose love is without reserve. What a love one could find in Jesus! It is beyond description. Just taste and see the magnetic power of the love of  Consolatus C. Okorondu - - ‎Religion.

I thought that chemistry, how he treated me, and his accepting, open-minded personality was enough. I was tired of judgmental, hypocritical, boring Christian men. Thankfully, God stepped in.

Jesus Is Ruining My Love Life: Is Religion a Deal-Breaker?

We should all be ready and willing to settle, because nobody is going to be perfect. But we're also entitled to a few deal-breakers. On the subject of good, available men, single women in their thirties don't need to be reminded that the pickings are slim.

Marry a man with whom you can confide your deepest secrets, and cry in front of without feeling embarrassed. A man who knows when to worry and when to lead you with strong hands through a dark storm in your life. Marry a man who maintains boundaries within your relationship. A man who knows the importance of self-privacy, emotional space and how to balance togetherness and individuality.





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