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Finding out your friend is pregnant

Have you ever had a sneaking suspicion that someone you know is pregnant? Since asking someone whether they are pregnant is one of the rudest questions in our society, we have to get creative when it comes to finding out. There are plenty of reasons why someone might not want to announce their pregnancy — especially early on. Instead of letting the uncertainty eat away at you, look out for a few subtle signs that suggest that your friend or person of interest might be expecting a little one soon. Thumbnail Photo: Max Pixel. A lot of this has to do with the clothes she wears.

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What to do if your friend is pregnant and you’re not happy about it

You spend so much time together. The last thing in the world you can imagine is her having a baby. Right now your friend needs your support and encouragement and there are some practical ways you can show you care and love her no matter what.

Some of these ideas may even help you work through your own emotions when your friend is pregnant. Maybe she is considering abortion as an option. Understand that she has a number of decisions to make and is more than likely completely overwhelmed by all of the options.

Stay positive and give her encouragement. Let her know she has a friend in you no matter what she decides. Will it be hard for her? Yes, but she does not need that negativity in her life right now. Trust us, she has already been thinking about them. What if she miscarries? What if she has a terrible labor and delivery? Keep these thoughts to yourself. If she wants to talk them through, listen first, then give feedback but remember to be encouraging and supportive.

Maybe you think she should consider abortion. You need to check your own feelings at the door until you have a chance to work through them. She needs you as a friend right now. You may be experiencing your own feelings of anger, fear, and resentment. If you are aware of your feelings and work through them, this experience could potentially make your friendship stronger. Doing small things with love can go a long way in a friendship.

Maybe your friend needs a ride every now and then to her doctor appointments. Maybe she needs help picking out baby things, or she needs someone to just watch a movie with to get her mind off of everything going on. Someone to cry with and get excited with her may help her out. So think of a few small things you can to so show support over then next few months.

She will be grateful for your kindness. If your friend comes to you before she knows for sure she is pregnant maybe she has only taken a home pregnancy test and she needs pregnancy confirmation, please tell her about Collage in both Kearney and Grand Island.

You can even come with her for her appointment if that makes her more comfortable. Once we confirm the pregnancy is viable, we can often let her know how far along she is.

And no matter where she is in the decision process we can help by talking through all of her options and helping her figure out what is best for her. If she does decide to carry her baby, we can give her helpful information and resource referrals in the community. Do you have other ideas to add to our list of how to help when your friend is pregnant? If so please leave them in the comments section for others to read. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Click here to cancel reply.

Respect Her Decision Maybe you think she should consider abortion. Small Gestures Doing small things with love can go a long way in a friendship. Share Your Thoughts! Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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8 Ways Your Best Friend Getting Pregnant Will Change Your Friendship

Take time away from your pregnant friend, if you need it. The inability to have children can be utterly devastating and you should give yourself permission to mourn it in whatever way feels best. Take care of yourself.

You spend so much time together. The last thing in the world you can imagine is her having a baby.

Right now you know she needs your support and a hug is a good start. Over the next few days, weeks, and months she is going to need your support in some very practical ways. Some of these ways of being there for her may even help you work through your emotions about her pregnancy. As your friend processes the information and works through all of her options she is going to need someone in her corner.

10 Sneaky Signs That Someone You Know Might Be Pregnant

Let's be blunt: When you find out a friend is expecting, you feel excited for her — and if you're being honest, you may also feel a little…betrayed. It might sound horrible and selfish, but this happy time for her may be a hard one for you. I've been there. It's real, and it hurts. And no, feeling hurt does not make you evil, because there's no denying things are about to change big-time. Good-bye, Bloody Mary brunches and impromptu after-work socializing. Hello, ultrasounds and sleep-deprived zombie-mom on diaper duty. The first time a friend got pregnant, I felt as though she were abandoning our girl code and way of life — hanging out late, drinking dirty martinis, and living a little dangerously — without my vote. She went from being up for anything to wanting to stay home and nest. The few times I did drag her away from the baby-naming books Aiden!

How to Handle Your Best Friend Getting Pregnant

It's a life changing moment: Your best friend in the whole wide world just told you she's going to have a baby! You've been together every step of the bumpy road to adulthood, sharing in both the joys and the hardships. You've been each other's shoulder to cry on after bad breakups, and have been partners in crime when it comes to having fun and cutting loose. Change is inevitable, you always knew that, so why does it all feel so sudden?

My best friend is expecting her first baby. I'm pretty excited because the idea of mini versions of us running around together is pretty all-time.

The morning I found out I was pregnant, I met a friend for a freak-out breakfast. I walked out of my apartment to find her crossing the street toward me. A look of horror spread across my face. Meanwhile, 51 percent of pregnancies are unplanned.

What’s the Best Thing to Say When Your Friend Says She’s Pregnant?

Feeling pregnancy envy over friends, co-workers, and relatives is normal and common. You may even feel jealous just seeing a stranger's pregnant belly! What causes envy?

I was standing at a warehouse sale browsing through vintage jeans when I got a call from my best friend. She was in Toronto having just seen her favorite rapper with a mutual friend. The next day, while hungover, she took a pregnancy test. She called me immediately. We were both over the moon, but stunned. As I walked into my apartment, I was greeted by my husband standing in the hallway, waiting to embrace me.

How to Deal with Pregnancy Envy


Feb 12, - "When a baby disrupts the friendship as you know it, it can feel like the pregnant friend compromised everything without your consent. Feelings.








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