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Girl meets world fanfiction lucas cheats on riley

These theories mainly focused on Maya and Lucas and got increasingly desperate as it became clear that they were never going to be a thing. But there really were times when the wardrobe choices were actually telling us something; but these occasions involved Rucas and Joshaya so none of the theorists wanted to acknowledge them. A very unusual wardrobe choice as he usually wore plaid shirts or blue t-shirts. Theorists claimed that this was a sign that he really meant to choose Maya since Maya had clothing with big cats on it before. And after Ski Lodge, Lucas mostly wears purple shirts, including in the series finale when he says goodbye to Riley.


Rucas And Riley Lover

It was late and they were worried about Maya. Shawn felt panic rising in his stomach, he was generally running on high levels of anxiety and stress lately. Well if he was being perfectly honest anxiety was kind of always an undercurrent in his whole life. Maturing had just replaced anger and self-destruction with panic attacks, which he supposed were better. Katy was also anxious she knew her daughter was very good at getting into trouble and was slightly worried she would come home in the arm of a police officer.

They both jumped when Maya crashed into the house. Both Katy and Shawn felt their stomachs drop. Maya was drunk. Katy rolled her eyes she knew this had to happen and at least she was home, and laughing not crying which was a good sign.

Shawn was having a distinctly worse reaction. Panic was sitting in his chest. Memories of his stupid behaviour battered his mind accompanied by the image of his father passed out in his chair as Shawn cleaned shit up. He ran his hand through his hair looking at the floor. But alcohol is fun. Everyone got home safe.

Riley is fine, Lucas, Farkle, Smackle, Zay all fine. This is illegal. Are you telling me you never drank in high school. Shawn back me up! Shawn just stared blankly at Katy and Maya. The words they were saying not totally processing in his head. He was just too full of his past and fear.

Where he closed the door and then had a panic attack. Back in the living room. Maya and Katy looked at where Shawn had been, then returned to arguing. You are grounded for a month.

I have done dumber stuff and not gotten grounded. And I am your mother so you will do what I say. She slammed the door and sat on the bed seething until she fell asleep.

Katy sat on the couch. Screamed into the cushion and then fell asleep herself. She was fiddling with a bracelet Shawn had given her. She was angry at herself for the thoughts she was having. Shawn and she had not been doing well lately. He was super attentive to Maya still, and he was kind to Katy but there was a wall or something Of course, the plainest reason would be he was cheating on her.

When she asked him where he was the answers were either work or with Cory. She had been suspicious but it was true Shawn was with Cory. She knew it because Topanga complained about Cory always being busy with Shawn. Which left the option he was cheating on her with Cory.

Since Shawn had been in new york almost full time he and Cory had gotten closer which was apparently how they were for the most time they knew each other. Katy also knew she and Shawn had jumped into their marriage fast they had only gone on a few dates and the longest they had spent together before he proposed was four days.

Katy was mad at herself for assuming Shawn was cheating but it was the only thing that made sense. Plus she knew he was bi, he told her that when they first went out and had Cory not been married to Topanga, Katy would have assumed he was gay. Shawn then came inside. He sat across from her, they met eyes in silence the nervous expression mirrored. Shawn felt like he had been kicked in the gut. Why would she assume that?

Why would you think that? Yeah, that was pretty good evidence. He actually hung out with him to sleep, and unwind. The only time he could sleep was when he was at the Matthews generally with Cory there. Cory knew him better than anyone else. The whole thing with Maya had broken the emotional lockdown he had been on since he and Katy had gotten married.

Everything ran like floodgates. His anxiety was terrible, he had flashbacks again which were fucking exhausting, he almost never slept and when he did he had nightmares. Being confronted with alcohol like that had just been not good. He had also finally confessed to Cory that after he had left new york when Riley was born.

He had been in an awful place spent years at the bottom of a bottle.

Lucas and Riley

The core four now five, including Zay were about to graduate high school, Maya was finally dating the man of her dreams, Joshua Matthews, Riley was happily in a relationship with Charlie, Farkle finally made a move and asked Isadora Smackle to be his lady, Zay even starting dating a girl named Sarah. Lucas Friar was the only single one in their group. He dated a few girls throughout high school, even tried to date Riley in 9th grade but they realized that they were better off as friends, so when she starting going out with Charlie he was genuinely happy for them.

Maya groaned as she listened to her fiance curse the person at the door, cuddling further into his bare-chest before her eyes shot opened, "Oh my God! Maya quickly navigated herself through their living room and to the front door, wrapping the robe around her body due to dreadful coldness of winter. Her heart dropped at the sight of her best friend once she opened the door.

There was laughter and a few groans at the awful pun when Riley got through with the story. The only ones of us who could even hope to keep up with you when you dance are these two. Her coordination really had improved after working with Coach Kelly and the squad the previous year. Her innate lack of grace was still kind of an issue, but she did alright.

Do you know your Girl meets World stuff

This story will have some mature content, so I'm warning you now that it will be coming. The characters are in their late twenties when this takes place. She stole you by the twinkling stars the fire light you were never mine. Lucas Friar gripped the steering wheel with an intensity that turned his knuckles white before he changed the radio station. That song, why did that song have to be playing today? It was almost ten years old for crying out loud. He hated that song; it would tear apart everything inside of him if he had to hear the whole damn thing. It was only then that the other station decided to mind-fuck him as well as it played All I Need is an Angel , the song that started this entire mess. He pulled to the side of the road, getting out of his SUV and kicking his tire since it was the only thing he could do at that moment with his frustration.

Boing! — My Best Friend (a Joshaya/ Lucaya fanfic)

It was late and they were worried about Maya. Shawn felt panic rising in his stomach, he was generally running on high levels of anxiety and stress lately. Well if he was being perfectly honest anxiety was kind of always an undercurrent in his whole life. Maturing had just replaced anger and self-destruction with panic attacks, which he supposed were better.

Please leave empty:. He is Cory's old teacher.

Days went by, Lucas hadn't left Zay's apartment. He stayed in the guest room, curled up on the bed just thinking. Josh, Farkle, and Maya came by but he wouldn't talk to them. He'd just sit on the bed as they begged for him to open the door.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Mainly Rucas and Joshaya but other pairings will be mentioned.

Farkle makes a statement, and the sophomore class realizes that in real life, there are no rehearsals. Follow along with the music on Spotify here! Over the opening titles, we hear Farkle murmuring to himself and clearly trying to get something in order. Open on a tight screen, emulating the format of an iPhone video. When he starts to speak, however, that put together facade quickly loses some of its credibility.

What happens when she returns? Is Maya and Lucas together? What is Riley doing? Where is Farkle in all this? Riley and Lucas been dating since the 7th grade. Riley thought that her relationship is perfect but she doesn't know that Lucas is cheating on her with her best friend, Maya. Lucas is still with Riley because he somewhat still loves her but he can't help it if he cheating on her with Maya.

Sep 19, - the name or link to a story where lucas cheats on riley with maya but the girls dont even know eachother? to Lucaya Fanfiction, your #1 source of the best Lucaya fanfics on the internet! Girl Meets World Fandom Map.

The two are very close friends and both share similar traits of caring and standing up for others. The moment Lucas and Riley share a smile on the subway, Riley is immediately smitten and develops a crush on him. However, as their relationship develops, her original small, shallow crush on Lucas, turns into a strong, and real relationship. Her feelings for him continue to remain the same throughout subsequent episodes although some episodes focus less on their relationship than others.







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