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How to be strong and independent man

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Matthew McCormack. Independence' was an important ideal for men in Georgian England. In this period however, the word meant much more than simply the virtues of self-sufficiency and impartiality. Most people believed that obligations absolutely compromised freedom and conscience, whereas 'independence' was associated with manly virtue and physical vigour. Fundamentally, the political world was thought to consist of 'independent men', exercising their consciences and standing up for the general good.

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17 Ways To Become an Independent Man

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Independence is what sets you apart from the herds of sheep roaming the planet. If you are not there yet then you need to be working towards the goal of being independent and living free. Break the shackles around your ankles and start walking and living like a free man.

Let's look at 17 ways to become a free and independent man. You have to become selfish. Put yourself first. I'm not talking about the kind of selfish where you are an asshole to everyone around you. I'm talking about the kind of selfish where your visions and goals take absolute priority.

You need to focus on becoming strong first. When you are weak you are no good to anyone. When you are strong you become independent. And when you become independent you can start making moves on this planet. Start saying no to things that do not serve you and start saying yes to things that make you stronger, healthier and richer.

You are priority number one. First, help yourself then help the world from a position of strength. Financial independence is key to being independent. Being at the mercy of a job or at the mercy of other people is dangerous. You need to find ways to make money. The first thing you need to do is to make a decision to get your money right. In fact, make a bigger decision. Make the decision to become a millionaire. Make a line in the sand that you are now starting to work towards your first million.

When you realize that it's your responsibility to get rich everything changes. You have to get rich to make an impact on this world. It's your duty and responsibility to step up and get rich.

Jobs are not safe. In fact, it's putting you in a vulnerable position. Sure, jobs can be a great way to help you get where you want to go, but only betting on a job is dangerous. Jobs can be used as one stream of income. You need to create a full-time business or side business to create another stream of income. You are a business whether you know it or not.

You can go full time into a business that is your mainstream of income and builds smaller streams around that. Or you can have several small businesses or side hustles with your job being one of your streams of income. Bottom line is that you need to become a business. You are a business. When you start operating like that you building your independence. Many men have the obsession of following the masses and making buying a house or apartment their main goal. Somehow they think that when they buy the house they have finally made it.

The reality is that that guy has finally joined all the other sheep and slaves who blindly walk down the cliff. You are not becoming independent when you buy a house to live in. The problem with that house is that you are probably going to pay off on that house for the rest of your life.

This is how most guys do it. They leave college with a shit load of debt and then think its a great idea to build more debt. Here is what you should do. But an apartment or 2 and rent it out. That rent is a stream of income that is paying for those apartments. Now you have an asset. You are not living there. You will rent a place to live in. Now you starting to think like an independent man that invests and not put himself in a heap of debt. Think long-term and start building more assets.

You make all the decisions in life. You are the one that makes the calls. Not your girlfriend or wife or parents. You are the quarterback and you have to make the calls. Don't pass the ball.

Passing the responsibility is weak and it will make you more dependent on everyone else around you. Start building your self-esteem and independence by making calls and leading the people around you.

The most mainstream news is fake so stop listening to it. Stop listening to it because it causes you to create your opinions about the world based on garbage. The most mainstream news is just corporate messaging running their propaganda to make you do stupid shit. Start thinking for yourself. Read and find independent sources of news.

Ask questions and become independent by being a critical thinker and not a follower. Live by your own code. Start creating your own code of honor. In modern times men drift through the world without a compass.

Without a guiding light because they have no code. They don't know why they are doing the things they are doing. Go sit down and ask yourself why you do the things that you do? If you don't know then you are not living by a code of honor. Go and ask yourself what is important for you and write it down. Then find other sources of ancient wisdom like philosophy, religions, or any other books that you think is valuable.

Look at guiding principles that make sense to you. Find the codes of conduct that have guided great men of the past to create the awesome civilizations we live in today. Stand on the shoulders of giants and learn from them. Then get off and write down what you liked and form your own code.

Then start living by that code. This code is your honor code. This will guide you when everything around you falls apart. Now you have something you can depend on. Something passed on to you by great men before you. Going through the world consciously being aware of the fact that you are physically weak is no way to live.

You have to build your power to live a great life. Being strong, fit and healthy will improve all areas of your life. Everything will get better when you start lifting heavy, running hills and improve your flexibility. Your mindset improves because you feel calm and focused. Start challenging yourself and others over beliefs and assumptions. You don't need to follow the sheep when they walk over the edge of the cliff.

Stop blindly following the crowds with their opinions. Start forming your own opinions. Find information to inform you about what is going on and then make informed choices. But don't be a sheep. It is weak. Become a lion and lead. Make your own decisions and lead the way. Become Assertive and Take what you want. Stop hesitating over what you really want to do. Once you have made a decision don't hesitate to execute.

How To Be A Strong, Independent Man

This day is about turning the focus back onto science and evidence based approaches and away from gender based politics, to increase awareness that criminal behavior and selfish entitled narcissistic self interest is anti-social behavior and contrary to the interests of the greater good of civilized people in democracies. Remember, criminal and anti-social behavior is a result of behavioral traits such as entitlement and anti-social behavior and not gender. But like Gandhi said, an eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind, male independence is not the same as their revengetoo because the focus is the public interest. Exposing their discredited Duluth model benefits as many women as men, because it allows women to avoid dangerous relationships as it equally benefits men the same way.

Independence is what sets you apart from the herds of sheep roaming the planet. If you are not there yet then you need to be working towards the goal of being independent and living free.

This blog is written for men, talking directly to men. Men who have an interest in women whether heterosexual or bisexual. Even more specifically, the men who say that they want a strong, independent woman. The men who find powerful, determined women sexy.

6 Ways To Be More Self-Sufficient & Independent

Each week Swoonie B will give her advice on anonymous topics submitted by readers. Want to Ask Swoonie B something related to dating and relationships? Fill out this form here — it's anonymous. Shortly after news came out that our favorite supermodel, Gigi Hadid, was pregnant with long-time boyfriend Zayn Malik, she retreated to her Instagram stories to make our favorite comfort food: pasta. I'm usually not one to give in to celebrity Instagram recipes, but honestly? This one looked so good, I couldn't resist. Plus, you might remember that the girl won "Celebrity MasterChef" once upon a time. If she's good enough not to get cursed out of Gordon Ramsay's kitchen, who am I to brush off her recipe? This wasn't a typical vodka sauce she didn't use vodka in her version, of course.

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Strong, independent, and happy women seem to be everywhere these days. What separates these two types of women? The strong from the weak? The meak from the bold? The happy from the unhappy?

Everyone would like to be a mentally strong person, but mental resilience can be extremely hard to achieve when life gets on top of you.

Updated: November 30, Reader-Approved References. Being independent is a vital skill for people who want to take more control of their lives and feel like they don't need others to accomplish their goals. Being more independent will give you the freedom to do what you want without caring what others think and it will also lead you to find some original solutions to your problems.

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When you're getting your day started, are you thinking about what you need to accomplish today, or are you solely focusing on what others are doing? If you feel like your thought process has become dependent on other people's actions, you should know that there are some ways to be more self-sufficient. Establishing your personal space is vital to understanding who you are as a person. While it might be easy to depend on others for their opinions and help, it can become very unhealthy, and you can lose sight of your individuality if you're not careful.

Some men just need to be the alpha. They want to feel like the leader of the pack—large and in charge. They need women to stand behind them supporting them while they follow their dreams without making room for women to have dreams of our own. Some men need women to be weak in order for them to feel strong. They need someone low on the totem pole so that they can feel like they stand on higher ground.

Dear Men: So you think you want a ‘strong, independent woman’


Here's why being a strong, independent woman who doesn't need a guy but wants one anyway is nothing to worry about.








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