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How to find a photo rep

Many photographers dream of the day they can focus solely on shooting and not worry about hustling to get new clients. This is where photography agents or reps can come into play and generously boost your photo business. Similar to real estate agents and talent agents, a photography agent exists to help you manage certain aspects of your business and ultimately help you get more clients. But are you ready to work with a photography agent? Typically, a photography agent has deep connections with clients in need of photo services.

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Do I Need an Agent for Photography?

Many creative professionals around the world have chosen freelance work as their lifestyle. What could beat the freedom of being your own boss and working whenever and from wherever you feel like, right? Well, if you have ever tried to work as a freelance photographer you know that it is not all fun and games, and actually takes a lot more endurance than it may seem to outsiders. Maybe you thought that after buying all that gear, mastering its use, spending countless hours shooting and editing, and finally creating a stunning photography website , the hardest part of becoming a freelance photographer was over.

But fear not! Upwork is one of the biggest and most popular freelance work marketplaces, with over four million businesses and ten million freelancers. With hundreds of photography-related listings, the gigs are divided into many different categories so that each user can find their perfect match.

Sure, all this categorization may seem like a lot of hassle, but look on the bright side: the more specific it gets, the more likely you are to find a project you absolutely love! And you might actually live close enough to great on-site jobs such as creative portraits, wildlife, and weddings! There are three ways to get jobs at Freelancer: contests, where clients choose from a selection of works that users present; projects, where users offer their bid on a listing before starting any work; and being contacted directly by clients.

Most listings are related to photo editing, portrait, travel, product and video. You can browse all listings by type, category, budget, skills required and location. With nearly four million freelancers on its site, Guru is considered one of the most successful online job marketplaces.

While the photography jobs offering is more limited than on the two giants mentioned above, there are still hundreds of listed gigs. The most popular topics are photo editing, Photoshop actions, and event and product photography. Listings can also be browsed by category, location, and budget.

Guru takes great pride in its payments system, which aims to offer higher flexibility for both employers and freelancers. In order to do so, the platform offers four kinds of customizable agreements that both sides must sign before the project is started. Guru also lets freelancers see when a job is funded before they decide to apply, and allows employers to review the work before making any final payment.

In addition to applying to listed jobs on the site, freelancers can advertise their own services, for which they list their price per hour and a minimum total to pay for the completion of the project. These jobs include a wide range of projects like photo editing, tutorials, and product, wedding, and event photography. The listings are categorized by location, experience level required, budget, and status. Listings are divided between fixed price and hourly wage, and users are required to send a formal proposal in order to apply.

Employers later choose whom to hire from this pool of proposals. Hubstaff Talent is a relatively new platform, and takes the title of the smallest marketplace in this list.

Because of this, the number of listed jobs is much lower than on other sites — but so is the number of people competing for the same gig! Instead of focusing on short-term projects, Hubstaff Talent has taken the road less paved and aimed at any kind of remote job. This means that listed jobs can go from one-day tasks for a fixed price to full-time positions. Listings can be browsed by type, category, skills and experience level required, budget, and pay rate.

Freelancers can create their own profile for employers to browse, which includes a short bio, skills, website and social links, resume, portfolio and hourly rate. Because the job listing section of the platform was only recently included, most of the action happens here.

Technically, Fiverr may be better described as a place for online freelance photography jobs to find you. Here, freelancers are the ones posting the kind of services they offer and for how much, while buyers browse the marketplace to hire them. So which kind of photography services can you offer on Fiverr? Still photography, photo editing, portraits, landscape postcards… you name it literally.. Because the only way to get a job here is being noticed by a buyer, gig hunting may be a challenge until you get some customers and reviews — but on the bright side, you might get a steady inflow of relatively quick projects in the long run!

In fact, you should see it as the most powerful tool to reach customers. Think about it — how do people look for business and services nowadays? Exactly, they look it up on the Internet. If you are a photographer looking for freelance gigs, you definitely want people to be able to find your work on the Internet easily. Make sure you offer all the information these visitors might need — where you are based, what kind of work you specialize in, how much you charge, how to contact you, etc. You can also use Wix Art Store to sell digital copies and prints of your photos and expand your customer reach to visitors who are not located near your area.

To make the most of these as a photographer, be sure to follow the business tips we put together for Instagram , Facebook , Twitter , and LinkedIn. By Judit Ruiz Ricart. Mar 12, Recent Posts See All.

Are you Ready for a Photography Agent?

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Photography agents are nothing new. However, there are a few misconceptions out there as to what an agent offers. This is hard to answer.

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Do’s And Don’ts For Finding A Commercial Photography Agent

Share Page Facebook Twitter. Looking for Representation? Read this first. Interviews by Heidi Volpe. We had a chance to connect with some of the most successful agency owners in the business. This candid interview is a must read for anyone searching for representation. Deborah Schwartz: When looking at new work, I am hoping to see a unique eye toward interesting and relevant subject matter. Whether it is lifestyle or still life or portraiture or fashion - I want to see that the photographer has their own unique way of seeing things that comes through in their work, and that they are not just good technically or good at copying the current trends. And their presentation has to be both professional and artistic. If someone comes with just a laptop or iPad, then I see that meeting as simply an introduction.

How to Get an Acting Agent

For most larger, traditional photo agencies, this graphic above would be a good gauge of whether or not you need a rep. Smaller boutique agencies may consider photographers who are billing lower who can show that they are serious about their hustle. All agencies are going to want to see a strong consistent aesthetic and evidence of a strong marketing strategy. If your focus is editorial, local, or photojournalism, you likely do not need a rep. Photography agents are interested in high-dollar advertising shoots, and anything smaller is not usually worth their time.

Many creative professionals around the world have chosen freelance work as their lifestyle. What could beat the freedom of being your own boss and working whenever and from wherever you feel like, right?

For actors, perhaps no relationship is more crucial than that which is maintained with their agent. Sure, significant others are lovely—but this is the person whose job it is to serve as your personal representative in the industry at large. There are countless ways an agent can make or break your career, today and for years to come.

Looking for Representation? Read this

Well, it was great…until I actually sat down and chronicled my daily routine. Then I realized that what The Lab was really hoping to glean from me was some insight into the big picture of what an agent actually does. With that in mind, here they are:. First and foremost, we sell photography.


The original post appeared here. So this is for you, the aspiring photographer searching for that perfect relationship with an agency representative. There is as of this writing no match. Please keep in mind this is aimed at photographers who are interested in working with agents who have mostly commercial clients. DO know that we get between 15 and 20 unique photographer requests each month.

How To Get a Photography Agent

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Photo. Representatives. Many photographers are good at promoting When you sign with a photo rep, you basically hire someone to get your portfolio in front  Editors Of Writers Digest Books - - ‎Photography.


Hire a trusted pro, boost your visibility


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