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How to look at your profile visits on instagram

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What does the order mean? Why is your Instagram crush always near the top? The truth is, Instagram is not revealing who is checking out your profile the most by putting them at the top of your Instagram Stories viewers list. According to Julian Gutman, product lead for Instagram Home, the people you see appearing at the top of the viewers list is who you engage with the most, and not the other way around! The Instagram algorithm recognizes who you are regularly interacting with and will then place them at the top of your Instagram Stories viewers list, because it knows those are the accounts you care about or creep the most.

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10 Apps to Check Who Viewed My Instagram Profile/Account

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You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. For more information, check out our privacy policy. Written by Lindsay Kolowich. The best Instagram profiles have a few things in common, including easily identifiable usernames, a recognizable profile picture, a steady stream of Instagram Stories and photos, an informative yet delightful bio, a link to a relevant landing page or campaign, and more.

By default, your Instagram profile will be public -- meaning anyone in the world can view your profile and posts on Instagram. If you're creating an Instagram profile for business, then that's what you want: You want anyone to be able to view your posts and follow your brand if they want to. Otherwise, if you keep your profile private, anyone who visits your profile won't be able to view your photos, which could deter them from following you. If your business name is already taken as a username, try keeping your business name as the first part of your username so that people searching for your business are more likely to come across your account.

For example, the Australian activewear line Lorna Jane uses the username lornajaneactive. Next, click on the text or open space to the right of the person icon and enter your desired username. To edit your business name: Go to your profile page and click "Edit Profile. Your profile photo is one of the first things people see when they visit your Instagram profile, as it's displayed prominently in the top right-hand corner. It should be something easily recognizable -- something that's on-brand with your other social networks.

That wasn't our choice; Instagram actually crops your profile photo into a circle pixels in diameter when you upload it to the app. You don't have to create the circle image yourself. In fact, since you'll have to crop your photo into a circle in the app, you'll ideally want to upload a square photo with your logo in the center, placed so that the corners of the photo can be cut off without a problem.

Don't deviate too far from this minimum; staying below x is encouraged so users don't see a blurry or stretched photo when visiting your profile page. In the example below, you'll see the corners are shaded, meaning Instagram will cut them off in the actual profile photo:. This will appear under your current profile photo if you have one. From there, you can import a photo from Facebook or Twitter, or choose one from your library. We don't recommend taking a new one on the spot. Also consider the seasonal trends that take place over the course of the year, and don't be afraid to alter your image temporarily to honor a monthly theme.

For example, because June is Pride Month, we gave our logo a temporary color change. Here's what it currently looks like on desktop:. Unlike most brands on Instagram, JetBlue shares a unique, but on-brand, color pattern rather than just their logo.

Kylie Cosmetics, which has a logo that features lipstick dripping off of voluminous lips, shook up its main image with some added holiday flair for. By simply added a Santa hat to the lips, the company instantly looked more festive.

Include who you are and what you do, and be sure to add a hint of personality. Here are a few examples for inspiration:. You can also use this space to encourage some action, like using a certain hashtag or clicking a link in your bio. Here are two examples:. That's because clickable URLs aren't allowed anywhere except the single "website" box in your bio. That's why you'll want to add a link to the "website" box in your business' Instagram bio. This makes it easy for people to go straight from Instagram to your website, blog, or a specific campaign.

They're trying to direct you to their profile page so you click the link in their bio. For example, are you running a contest, or want to increase subscribers to your blog? Just change the link, and then post a photo that mentions the new link in its caption. To change the link in your bio: Go to your profile page and click "Edit Profile. In fact, we recommend using shortened links that include UTM tracking codes so you can see how much of your traffic came from your Instagram page.

This week we're hosting a Grow with HubSpot event in Brussels - in one of the spheres of the famous Atomium! Now they're off to sample some Belgian waffles and beer. This'll let you engage with them more quickly and easily, just like a lot of companies do on Twitter. Select "From Everyone" for every category.

Except perhaps "Friends on Instagram," which automatically sends a friend request to your Facebook friends who also have Instagram, and "Instagram Direct Requests," which accepts photos sent from individual accounts. That could get a little spam. High quality photos are a huge part of an optimized Instagram profile. When people visit your profile, chances are, the first thing they'll do is scroll through the first ten or so photos in your feed.

The quality of those photos will be a big factor in whether or not that person follows you or not. So, always be thinking of your Instagram photos this way: If you don't have anything beautiful to post, don't post anything at all. When you're picking a subject, think about your buyer persona. What would they find interesting in a photo?

That's why they post pictures of young people doing fun, adventurous things -- like DJing at a concert, or snowboarding on a beautiful day. With bottles of Coke in hand, of course. Image Credit: Coca-Cola Argentina. Another great way to garner Likes, comments, and followers? Make people laugh. Don't worry What are these best practices? Start by reading this blog post on tips for taking great pictures on your smartphone. Instagram has some basic editing capabilities, but oftentimes, they aren't adequate to make a picture really, really great.

Most of your photos should go through at least one or two other photo editing apps on your mobile phone before you open them in Instagram for the first time.

But don't worry: Once you have the right apps downloaded, editing the photos isn't that complicated. It just takes a little bit of practice. Trust me, it's well worth it. Start by reading this blog post for a step-by-step tutorial on editing your Instagram photos. That post will teach you how to take advantage of Instagram's best editing tools, and it also lists the two or three essential photo editing apps you'll need to take your photos from good to great.

These apps will let you do everything from sharpening specific parts of a photo to brightening certain hues to make your photo look fresher. An optimized Instagram profile is an active one. Over time, you'll want to build up a backlog of photos for times of need, like the weekends or when you go on vacation. So, what time of day is the best time to post to Instagram? The very best times to post on Instagram were Mondays and Thursdays at any time except between — p.

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Can You See Who Views Your Instagram?

It's one of the most popular social networking sites on the planet, with over million active monthly members sharing 60 million images and 1. Just how awesome is it? Engagement rates for brands on most social networks are less than 0. You can't argue with numbers like that.

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is achieving greater heights each day. From the time Instagram has been acquired by Facebook, it has made significant progress in terms of revenue and number of users.

This wikiHow teaches you how to see profile visits on Instagram by switching to a business or creator account. Since only business accounts are able to see these stats, you'll need to switch to a business or creator profile first. Luckily, you don't actually need a business to accomplish this, but note that your profile will become public when you switch. You'll also need a Facebook page for your business if you want to access all the insight stats available.

This is How Instagram Ranks Who Watched Your Stories

But there is a barrier. This feature will not reveal the name of those who visited your profile. Profile Visit feature is similar to what Linkedin has. According to The Independent , this feature is not accessible for all users as the company is testing the feature functionally right now. The new feature was spotted by Matt Navarra, who tweeted the screenshot of the feature. Few days back, Instagram also launched a feature that shows last seen on Instagram direct, however the option to turn it off is also available. Instagram also introduced GIFs stickers for stories earlier this week. Up until now, users could only see the viewers on their Instagram Stories — the addition of Profile Visits could change the game because we all know how addictive it was back on Orkut remember the good old days. You may also like:.

Can I See Who Viewed My Pro­file on Instagram?

Instagram is the most popular photo and video sharing application that lets one share your personal or public photos. Fortunately, there are ways to know who is checking your Instagram profile. You may also know who views your Instagram. Instagram analytics services are available so you can observe these engagement metrics. Services like Statigram, Only Measured, and Nitrogram does not currently measure raw viewership data but gives you a picture of how many individuals have interacted with your posts via reviews, likes, and shared URLs.

Hey guys, I happened to notice my Instagram showing me the number of profile visits in the past 7 days.

No harm in wanting to see who's impressed by your creativity and checking you out on this popular social network. However, it would be naive to think that all Instgrammers follow the 'Like-and-Follow' process. Most might prefer to just check the profile without actually following the account. This is especially true in case of popular brands.

9 Unconventional Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Do you use Instagram for your business? Making the switch to an Instagram business profile will give you access to a number of features that business owners may find useful. Then go to your Instagram app and tap on your profile photo at the bottom right.

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As an avid Instagrammer, with a public profile, it is common to wonder who might have checked your profile picture or profile bio. To be honest, there is a huge majority like me who prefer checking out the profile without actually following the Instagram account. This is especially true in case of popular brands. If you're someone who loves NatGeo but don't want to inundate your feed with their photos they post several times every day then it makes sense to not follow them and instead visit their profile once in a day or a week to browse through their recent posts. Reminder: Protecting yourself from stalkers on social media is crucial.

Instagram is testing Profile Visits

While there is a large population of Instagram users who post stuff on the daily, there are quite a few who just lurk around without posting all that much or use the platform as a means to stalk other users. So, how does one track who views their Instagram account? Can you keep a tab on your Insta stalker? Lets find out. Why, you ask? Yes, there are an absolute ton of apps, both on the App Store and the Play Store, that will have you believe that you can see who views your Instagram account and find your Insta stalkers by giving them access to your Instagram account. But, do they work?

Sadly no, there is no process in place which would let you see the names of your profile visitors. They are to stay can you see who views your instagram a secret.

Do you think you might have a stalker on Instagram? Do you want to see which posts work best for your audience by seeing who is visiting your Instagram feed the most so you can cater your stories to them? Unless someone is commenting, liking, or sharing your posts, there is no way to tell who is viewing your posts within Instagram. There is no way to see who is viewing your profile unless they try to connect with you. Instagram does not track who is viewing what content, nor do they track how often someone visits a profile or watches an Instagram story.

Instagram Business Profiles: How to Set Up and Analyze Your Activities

Marketing software to increase traffic and leads. Free and premium plans. Sales software for closing more deals, faster.

Today Instagram is the most popular image and video sharing social media website. Its amazing features are the main reason for popularity. Now Instagram is a part of Facebook, so people love it.

Instagram is the perfect platform for those who are interested in displaying the photos and images they create.

The information isn't available to all users yet, as the company only appears to be testing the functionality right now. A new feature that tells you how many times people have visited your Instagram profile in the past week appears to be in development. The information appears very prominently at the top of your profile page, making it difficult to miss. The new functionality was spotted by Matt Navarra , who tweeted a screenshot that shows what Instagram users who do have access to the feature see when they look at their own profile page.

So you want to get more followers and likes? The secret to this long standing issue is not really a secret. It can be summed up in four words: Focus on profile views. Lately, Instagram users have been obsessed with their likes and engagements. The number you should be tracking is the profile views. Our research shows that before following people like to check out the profile of that account and then they make the decision to follow or not.

Instagram is one of the most successful social networks around the world, and for a good reason — the mostly visual content is entertaining, easy to scroll through and needs little knowledge of any particular language or even time. It might happen for all of us to know who are spying on our profile, or even we are running a business on Instagram and we would like to know who are our visitors? If you are one of those curious people, then get ready for some disappointment.

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