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How to look like a royal man

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Splash News. With any royal event, our eyes immediately turn to focus on what the royal ladies have stepped out in. From the classic style of Kate Middleton to Meghan Markle's daring pantsuits , the world is more than obsessed with regal fashion, but rarely do the dukes get any of the attention. Sure, men's fashion historically is a lot more simple and timeless than women's, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve our appreciation.

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The 30 Most Shocking Rules Royals Are Required to Follow

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Royals are always dressed impeccably and although the focus is often on the women, we take a look at the best-dressed male Royals and how you can copy their look. Living life as a member of any Royal family undoubtedly at the apex of society. Having a perfectly tailored suit, made to fit you, has a plethora of benefits, including looking immaculate all of the time.

Hindu inspiration is reflected in the richness of the fabrics, betting on exquisite lightweight materials such as silk, fine wool , suede, cotton and linen.

In this regard, Padmanabh Singh is an epitome of tailored fashion in India. What better style inspiration could you find than Prince William? After all, the future King of England has attended many opulent occasions in his time.

If the royals are anything to go by, eveningwear should remain conservative — think peak lapels, shawl collars, black tux jackets and crisp white shirts. After all, a true gent should always keep his outfit simple and classic. Nothing beats an incredible Ascot outfit and the British Royal family definitely know how to rock the tails. Prince Charles is always well turned out at the races, with an incredible top hat and the perfect balance when it comes to accessories.

Other than being the must-don look at the races, the classic morning suit is a British staple for society weddings and is a timeless look! Prince Mateen is the perfect example of a gentleman who knows how to get the balance right and is never caught off guard on the field. Prince Pierre Casiraghi of Monaco knows how to keep it classy throughout numerous occasions, including at the prestigious F1 Grand Prix in Monaco.

A timeless fitted navy blazer and navy tie combo will keep you looking elegant at this prestigious event. Take note that this style is not applicable in hot and humid weather like in Malaysia but could be adapted to complete the look.

Racing a car competitively is hard, but racing with style, that is even harder. In this regard, the Tunku Panglima of Johor is a class of his own — combining confidence and style swag. Founded in , our sister publication GC is a Malaysian preeminent publication dedicated to the education and empowerment of gentlemen. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Gentlemans Codes Sister Publication Founded in , our sister publication GC is a Malaysian preeminent publication dedicated to the education and empowerment of gentlemen.

Prince Harry Style

Get the complete Royal Heartbreakers experience with this giant mega-bundle! The ultimate collection for all contemporary royal romance lovers! When Dr. Eleanor Parker wishes for her very own Prince Charming, she never imagines one will show up on the doorstep of her clinic. Will this playboy prince be her true love or break her heart?

Dapper and rugged. As Prince Harry has brilliantly proved, you have to work with the hand you've been dealt when creating your personal style — your looks, your personality, and your circumstances.

Updated: February 27, References. Princesses and princes are poised, charming, and fashionable individuals. These royal role models inspire women and men around the globe to look and act like ladies and lords. If you want to act and look like a Prince or Princess, even something as seemingly simple as sitting can be quite involved. For example, women will want to sit with one ankle tucked behind the other while men will want to make sure their knees are together and their feet are uncrossed.

14 etiquette rules the royal family must always follow

Updated: March 28, References. Ever wanted to impress your family and attract attention? Or pretend you have royal blood? The common folk who don't have any relation to a royal family may not have any reason to behave, speak, and look like royalty, but that doesn't mean you can't imitate them to add a little more class and charm to your life. To act like royalty, make sure to have good posture. This means keeping your spine straight and your chin slightly lifted. When sitting, men should cross their legs or keep their feet on the floor while women should sit up straight and cross their ankles. Royals always act polite, so be sure to use good table manners and to avoid using profanity or slang when speaking. To dress like royalty, wear simple but quality outfits like a nice dress or suit with minimal accessories.

The 30 Most Shocking Rules Royals Are Required to Follow

Being a royal is no cake walk—and from fashion and dining to social graces and disciplining children and pets, there are loads of rules and protocol royalty are expected to abide by. Here, the most shocking expectations, traditions, regulations and customs embraced by the royal family that even non-royals marrying in are expected to observe. You stand. Everyone in the Queens' presence is required to rise when the Queen is standing, or when she enters or exits a room. When greeting the Queen, men are expected to bow their heads, while women curtsy.

Royals are always dressed impeccably and although the focus is often on the women, we take a look at the best-dressed male Royals and how you can copy their look.

It's Our 8th Anniversary Sale. Get Started. I get that impression almost every day. If you ask a guy who was born into a rich family, always had everything he wanted and been rich was just his daily routine, he will probably not know why you think he looks different.

36 Unexpected Fashion Rules the Royal Family Must Follow

Lyra carries the fire of the star within her. She a royal dragon on Paladin, half-human, half-dragon and all woman. Growing up hearing of the adventures and intrigue of humankind. She decides to leave the comfort and riches of her gilded cage to live a life of service as an officer of the law on Earth.

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From the way you eat to the way you walk down a flight of stairs, here's what it takes to have the manners of a royal. One of the worst things a woman in the royal family can do — as far as etiquette rules go — is sit with her legs crossed at the knee. Legs and knees must be kept together, although crossing at the ankle is fine. Her go-to sitting position involves keeping her knees and ankles tightly together and slanting her legs to the side. It keeps her posture modest and makes her legs appear longer. In fact, the late Princess Diana was known to sit the exact same way.

22 Times the Royal Men Stole the Show With Their Fashion

Being part of the royal family is an amazing privilege, but it comes with a lot of traditions and rules—some of which even affect the clothes they wear and how they style them. Here are 36 fashion protocols that Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, and more royals have to follow. Handbags are a common accessory during royal outings where a lot of meeting and greeting takes place. According to royal expert Myka Meier of Beaumont Etiquette , you can always spot Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton holding their purses in their left hands, simply so that their right hand is free to wave, shake hands, and greet the public. Apparently, the queen prefers skirts and dresses to trousers, which might be the reason Her Majesty is hardly ever photographed in pants and Kate and Meghan mostly wear dresses and skirts to royal events. Meghan is quite fond of pantsuits—like the black Givenchy blazer and trouser set she wore while visiting Ireland in July.

However, when it comes to the royal tootsies things may be a little more lenient. Like its own private language, using one's clutch is the key to getting out of "Trousers are for older boys and men, whereas shorts on young boys is one of.


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