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Return to Book Page. Preview — Machine Man by Max Barry. Machine Man Quotes Showing of You can cover the absense of one with the other two But now I realized this was unmitigated bullshit, because health and money did not compare with love at all. But it really bothered me.

From one perspective, I was an independent animal, exercising free will in order to elicit predictable reactions from an inert vending machine. But from another, the vending machine was choosing to withhold snacks in order to extract predictable, mechanical reactions from young men.

I couldn't figure out any objective reason to consider one scenario more likely than the other. I didn't feel inferior so much as incompatible. Carl existed on a plane where success was measured by physical feats. He had a brain because his body needed it, rather than the opposite.

I didn't understand such people. I didn't know what they wanted, or might do. So I decided not to search for a true self. I decided to choose who I wanted to be. It implied you wasted time on outdoor activities instead of building something useful.

Even using hair product or makeup implied misguided priorities. Like you thought how things looked mattered, instead of how they worked.

We liked to look at attractive people. We expected it of our movie stars and TV characters. But we did not respect it. We knew physical attractiveness was inversely correlated with intelligence, because look at us. Any two of health, money and love.

You can cover the absence of one with the other two. I drew comfort from this idea while I was fully bodied, employed, and unloved. It made me feel I wasn't missing much. I had a girl in a hospital bed who liked me and I didn't know where that might go but I could tell it was more important than low blood pressure. It mattered more than a new car. With Lola in the same building, I walked with a spring in my step.

That was true literally. But I mean I was happy, happy on an axis I had previously known about only in theory. I was glad to be alive. I don't care what my horoscope says. I think most things about the world could be improved if people thought more about what they're doing. When someone gets upset with their computer, I tend to side with the computer.

I think art is overrated, and bridges are underrated. In fact, I don't understand why bridges aren't art. It seems to me they're penalized for having a use. If I make a bridge that ends in midair, that's a sculpture. But put it between two landmasses and let it ferry two hundred thousand cars per day and it's infrastructure.

That makes no sense. But this was hard data. Lola's heart beat fastest for me. The equipment had safeties but your primary piece of protective equipment was your brain. There was a presumption that anyone entering this room was intelligent enough to keep away from hot things, sharp things, and things carrying large stores of momentum. Do you think it is really appropriate to consider people to be the same entity they were seven years earlier?

Because, physically, they're not. They're connected but every part has changed. Like a renovated house. It seems like after seven years you should not be liable for things you did before.

Why should a man be imprisoned for a crime committed by a different physical entity? Should we expect a couple to stay married when they barely share a molecule with the people who said 'I do'?

I don't think so. She was my independent variable. Have meetings, I guess. Make phone calls. It was hard for us on the technical side to understand why the company required so many managers. Engineers built things. Salespeople sold things. Even Human Resources I could understand, kind of. But managers proliferated despite performing very few identifiable functions. They identified ionizing radiation while bathing in it. There were risks involved in being your own guinea pig.

But there was a long tradition of scientists doing just that: of paying for the expansion of human knowledge with their lives. I didn't deserve to be categorized with them, because honestly, I wasn't interested in the greater good. I just wanted to make myself better legs. I didn't mind other people benefiting in some long-term indirect way but it wasn't what motivated me. I felt guilty about this for a while. Every time a lab assistant looked at me with starstruck eyes, I felt I should confess: Look, I'm not being heroic.

I'm just interested in seeing what I can do. Then it occured to me that maybe they all felt this way. All these great scientists who risked their themselves to bring light to darkness, maybe they weren't especially altruistic either.

Maybe they were like me, seeing what they could do. I thought there was a set of criteria, like a good sense of humor and looks and wealth. You could compensate deficiencies in one area with excellence in another, hence rich, ugly men with beautiful wives.

But there was an algorithm involved. That was why I thought I was unloved: I didn't score highly enough. I had made some attempts to improve my score and also told myself I didn't care because that was what women wanted, something fake and temporary, I would rather be alone. And sometimes I was just lazy and would rather code things. But here I was soaking in a bath of my own filth with Lola scrubbing my shoulders, and what algorithm could explain that?

That problem was nonhalting. I have a similar issue with religion. And you know what? Learning that not only helped me grow as a manager.

It helped me grow as a person. Der helle Wahnsinn. Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Jon Favreau: Barry

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A comedy film directed by John Hamburg, the writer of Zoolander , as well as Meet the Parents , Meet the Fockers , and Little Fockers but don't hold that against him. Even his family can't seem to recall any.

Here's my advice for film critics everywhere, whether you're getting paid to review or just talking about a movie at a bar: Remember to analyze what you actually saw and not what you wish you had seen. When you get pissed at a movie for not doing what you would have done, then you can miss something important. I saw the movie this weekend, and after reading the reviews, I'm surprised by how many critics refused to take it on its own terms. First, it's disheartening that so many critics slammed I Love You, Man 's set-up for being unrealistic. I mean, shouldn't we assume that writer-director John Hamburg knew that no real man has ever gotten engaged, realized he has no male friends, and then started booking man-dates in order to find a best man for his wedding?

I Love You, Man

The phenomenon is interesting enough to ensure the adjective "Apatovian" stays in use for some time. Following last year's Role Models , the second such beast -- I Love You, Man -- arrived in theaters on 's first day of spring. Both star Paul Rudd, a loyal supporting player in the Apatow troupe since 's Anchorman. Actually, although Rudd's protagonist Peter Klaven is pretty even-keeled, there's enough to distinguish him from standard everyman heroes. This Los Angeles real estate agent is a bit milquetoast and he's also been so invested in his relationships with that the opposite sex that his male friends are more like acquaintances. Magnifying that fact from curious observation to feature-length issue, the film opens with Peter proposing to his girlfriend Zooey Rashida Jones, "The Office". Now, Peter has to choose a best man and his prospects -- a gay younger brother Andy Samberg, "Saturday Night Live" , a brash work colleague Rob Huebel , and those casually chummy fencing partners Mather Zickel, Aziz Ansari, Nick Kroll -- are universally dim. To find a best friend worthy of calling a best man, Peter takes others' advice and reluctantly agrees to a series of man dates, which are like platonic versions of couple dates.

Machine Man Quotes

The film stars Paul Rudd as a friendless man looking for a best man for his upcoming wedding. However, his new best friend Jason Segel is straining his relationship with his bride Rashida Jones. The film was released theatrically in North America on March 20, , to mostly positive reviews. Peter seems to not have any close friends to share the good news with, only family and mainly female acquaintances. After overhearing Zooey's friends voicing their concerns over his lack of close male friends, Peter decides that he needs to find male friends in order to have a best man for the upcoming wedding.

A comedy film directed by John Hamburg, the writer of Zoolander , as well as Meet the Parents , Meet the Fockers , and Little Fockers but don't hold that against him. Even his family can't seem to recall any.

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The Way I Saw I Love You, Man (Spoilers)

Peter appears to be unable to fit in with members of his own sex. The fact that he needs to actively search for a friend is proof that he is not very comfortable around more stereotypical male characters, whose personalities are exaggerated in the film. As Peter interacts with these and others throughout the film, he is exposed to only the most extreme version of each male stereotype, demonstrating the idea that men fit into very specific categories.

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“I Love You, Man” quotes


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