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Man kills wife and daughter in gainesville fl

The following cases are currently unsolved Please help us bring the persons responsible for these crimes to justice. Daniel Adkins On Friday, December 6 th , at approximately pm, Patrol Officers responded to the wooded area in the block of E.

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Paul, Leslie & Paige Williams: 5 Fast Facts to Know

When police were called to the upscale Gainesville, Florida, home of Mike and Sue Reuschel in the early morning hours of February 3, , they found the couple stabbed and bleeding. Mike told cops an intruder had crept into their house and attacked them. But when Sue awoke from surgery for her life-threatening in juries, she gave police a different story—saying Mike was her true attacker. The motive? Prosecutors say Sue told Mike that night that she wanted a divorce, and he attempted to kill her to avoid having to split his multimillion dollar fortune with her.

Mike and his defense claim Sue was an abusive wife who was often in conflict with Mike over his daughter Caroline — and Caroline's expensive wedding only made things worse. Peter Van Sant : Where were you and how did you learn that your father on February 3rd, , had been arrested? Caroline Reuschel : I was in Chicago with my husband. And I got … an incoming call on my cell phone and it was a recording that said, "An inmate from the Alachua County Jail has called you.

Minutes later, the phone rang again. Caroline Reuschel quickly answered and heard the voice she'd known her entire life. Caroline Reuschel : And he said, "Caroline …you have to get me out of here … You need to call my lawyer. The events leading to the arrest of Mike Reuschel began to unwind very early that morning after he called police.

Someone's in the house and the next thing I know I wake up next to my wife and I'm bleeding. Mike reported that he and his wife Sue had been stabbed by an intruder inside their home in an upscale section of Gainesville. Sue's injuries were life threatening and, as medics rushed to save her, Detective David Visconti was called to the scene. Peter Van Sant : No broken window, no knocked down door.

Nothing like that at all? David Visconti : There was most certainly a struggle … There was a vast amount of blood around the bed that was located on the wall of the bedroom …. But overall, the scene was missing something, Visconti said, and he did not believe a violent intruder had been there. David Visconti : Typically, we'll see many things — knocked over, furniture, items broken, indentations in the walls, in the drywall.

David Visconti : The intruder allegedly fleeing the house from that direction is something that would have been captured on video. The veteran detective was becoming suspicious. Then, hours later, Sue awoke from surgery and broke this case wide open — telling detectives that the story about an intruder attacking them was a lie. She claimed that Mike concocted the whole thing, and that he was her true assailant. Mike was arrested and charged with attempted murder. Peter Van Sant : During your many years with Mike, was he ever physically abusive to you?

But, like in many marriages, there were problems. Mike made millions in the technology business; his job required him to travel all over the world. In , after 25 years of marriage, Didi asked for a divorce. Didi said she moved out of the family home so their children, away at college, could always return to the house where they were raised.

But soon, another woman unexpectedly joined the family. Sue was then 38 years old and a hospice nurse. She and Mike, 49, met on Match. Didi says everything she left behind—including her dog—became Sue's.

Didi Hoffman : Mike and I were really opposites. He was engaging and outgoing and …And I was really — and I think I still am — more reserved and … not quite so exuberant. And I think he was looking for exuberance. Caroline Reuschel : We've never seen anyone take down five to six martinis and be able to stand and speak.

Some two years after they met, Mike married Sue in August Mike stopped traveling and bought a local business. The couple's happier times are reflected in some of the thousands of text messages that surfaced during legal proceedings. Mike refers to Sue as his "trophy bride," and writes that their lives together are simply "amazing. But Caroline says Sue became jealous of the close relationship she had with her father and tried to keep them apart.

Caroline Reuschel : She had such walls around him … He wouldn't call me unless he was in a car alone. He wasn't allowed to take my call in front [voice breaks] of her.

But surprisingly when Caroline announced in that she was getting married, Sue was happy to help. But, Caroline says, Sue wanted to do it her way. Caroline Reuschel : Sue was pretty adamant about throwing me a shower … My mother was invited, but none of my mother's friends were invited.

So, the majority of the guests were Sue's friends and family. But Caroline admits the shower was a lot of fun and she was looking forward to the wedding.

Sue helped her pick out a dress. Caroline Reuschel : I tried on a dress and I liked it … and Sue kept telling me like, "this is your dress.

This is your dress. It's so beautiful. You have to have this. Sue handed over her credit card and it was done. The wedding itself in November would be a royal-like affair. The setting was the sumptuous Oheka Castle on Long Island.

Caroline Reuschel : My husband and I know how lucky we are to have had that weekend … it was beyond beautiful. Caroline says it was nearly perfect except for something that caught her eye — an unusual mark on her father's face.

Caroline Reuschel : The last thing I saw before walking down the aisle at my wedding was … this white scar from here to here [left cheek to chin]. And in my mind, I was, like, "What is that? Weeks later, she found out. Michael revealed to Caroline a dark, disturbing secret: Sue, he said, had been physically abusing him for years. Caroline Reuschel : I called him on his birthday…. And I said … "How are you doing?

It was late November , just three weeks after her fairy-tale wedding, when Caroline says her father shared a disturbing secret about Sue that he had promised not to tell. Caroline Reuschel : And he said … "Sue was arrested" … And he said … 'she started attacking me. Sue had been charged with domestic battery, but the details of what happened that day would not become public until two years later at Mike's trial for attempted murder, when they both testified about the last tumultuous months of their marriage.

David Byron Prosecutor : I think it was in the lowest place that it could possibly be before divorce. When police arrived, Sue admitted to pushing Mike and agreed to go to their beach condo to defuse the situation. But she was arrested a half an hour later when she hadn't yet left the house:. Sue told the jury that she was ordered to stay away from Mike.

She moved to their beach condo and got counseling for alcohol and anger management. Weeks later, Mike declined to pursue the battery charge and it was dropped. But Mike says Sue's actions went way beyond a bad temper. He told the jury she had tormented him for years:. Caroline Reuschel : She would throw things at him.

Very heavy things like vases and very heavy coffee mugs. And there was one mark from here to here [moving her finger from her right cheek to her chin].

The prosecution admits this injury may have been caused by Sue, but they say the evidence shows Sue was fighting for her life after Mike attacked her. David Byron : There are text messages where she accuses him of smothering her with a pillow, which in fact is the same instance that she ended up scratching him in the face.

Despite the alleged abuse and Sue's arrest, Mike says he still loved his wife and wanted to stay married. In February he asked Sue to come to Gainesville for the weekend. They decided to go to their favorite steak house. Sue is seen on home security video getting ready and enjoying a glass of wine. Mike arrives home, and the two share a kiss before heading out. But over steaks and more wine, old wounds reopened. Sue says that's when Mike admitted he had betrayed her trust by telling Caroline about Sue's arrest.

Mike drove home alone. Sue followed in an Uber, her anger spilling into a series text messages about Caroline: " Good luck with your bitch" … "She will ruin any relationship you have". Once home, they went to separate parts of the house. Sue continued her angry texts: "I am filing for divorce. Later, Sue says she was alone in the guest room when Mike entered.

There are no cameras inside that room:. And then all the sudden I saw a knife coming. Sue says Mike was on top of her, pinning her arms with his legs. In the struggle, her left thumb was sliced.

UPDATE: Gainesville man accused of murdering wife and daughter indicted by grand jury

When police were called to the upscale Gainesville, Florida, home of Mike and Sue Reuschel in the early morning hours of February 3, , they found the couple stabbed and bleeding. Mike told cops an intruder had crept into their house and attacked them. But when Sue awoke from surgery for her life-threatening in juries, she gave police a different story—saying Mike was her true attacker. The motive?

November 18, Law and public safety. A moment later, she burst into tears at the thought of her colleague.

For months, psychologist Harry Krop was one of the only people who knew the identity of the man who killed five Gainesville students in While hundreds of officers scoured the state for evidence, Krop was forced to keep the murderer's confession to himself. Krop, now 63, lived in Gainesville when the then unknown figure committed his brutal murders. He said he still remembers how the city was enshrouded in fear. When he walked his dogs at night, he constantly watched over his shoulder, he said.

Suwannee County forester charged in brutal murder of wife, daughter

Autopsies showed the victims had been thrown into the water while still alive, with ropes tied to a concrete block around their necks. The case became high-profile in when local police posted billboards bearing enlarged images of the suspect's handwriting recovered from a pamphlet in the victims' car. Chandler was identified as the killer when his neighbor recognized the handwriting. This was the first use of billboards by law enforcement in the US. Billboards then became useful tools in searches for missing people. Prior to his arrest, Chandler worked as an unlicensed aluminum-siding contractor. Against the advice of his attorneys, he testified in his own defense , saying he had met the Ohio women and had given them directions. Chandler said he never saw them again, except in newspaper coverage and on the billboards set up by authorities. Police originally theorized that two men were involved in the murders, but this was discounted once Chandler was arrested.

Georgia triple murder suspect arrested, toddler safe after Florida standoff

It ended Wednesday evening after a high-speed chase on a Florida interstate and a tense, hourslong standoff with authorities. Caesar is French was treated for injuries she sustained during the altercation and released. The Pontiac was finally spotted about p.

His next court appearance has not been set. The Alachua County Sheriff's Office has released the police report and the charges against year-old Paul Graves Williams after the murder of his wife, Leslie Williams, and year-old daughter, Paige Williams.

WCJB -- Gainesville man accused of murdering his wife and year-old daughter will be evaluated for the third time. State and defense attorneys had a case management hearing on Monday afternoon to discuss Paul Graves Williams's, 62, fitness to stand trial and the appointment of a third-party expert to conduct a mental health evaluation. Williams has gone through two competency evaluations that have differed in opinion now a third psychological expert is assigned.

Disturbing details released in murders of Gainesville mother, daughter

According to the Alachua County Sheriff's Office, the investigation began when officials at Stephen Foster Elementary School noticed that Paul's wife, Leslie, had not come into work in the past few days. An employee at the school said they had been trying to contact Leslie for at least three days without success. Probable cause documents say that when concerned school officials again tried to call Leslie on Friday, they ended up reaching her husband, Paul, who told them to "go check on her. The Gainesville Police Department school resource officer then notified the sheriff's office and deputies responded to the Williams' household in Gainesville.

Disturbing details r Paul Williams was taken into custody Friday after his wife and teenage daughter were found dead inside their home in a neighborhood just outside the Gainesville city limits, the Alachua County Sheriff's Office said. About a. Friday, deputies said they responded to a home in the Garrison Way subdivision off Southwest 75th Street, near the intersection of Interstate 75 and State Road 24, to conduct a welfare check. According to the Sheriff's Office, the welfare check came as a result of one of the residents, Leslie "Lisa" Williams, not showing up for work at Stephen Foster Elementary School.

Gainesville Sun Obituaries

Colette DuChanois , Web producer. About a. When the school tried to call her, investigators said, her husband, Paul Graves Williams, answered the phone instead and said something along the lines of "go check on her. According to Paul Williams' arrest report, deputies arrived and found the back door open and blood on the floors. Investigators found Leslie Williams, 57, dead inside the master bedroom with "severe trauma".

Dec 6, - UPDATE: Gainesville man accused of murdering wife and daughter GAINESVILLE, Fla., (WCJB) -- UPDATE (12/6/ pm): A grand the murder of his wife, Leslie Williams, and year-old daughter, Paige Williams.

Robert L. He was 80 years old. Born in Gainesville, FL, Dr. Bowman Bobby was a lifelong and devoted Gator fan.

Gainesville man accused of murdering wife, daughter to be mentally evaluated for third time

Authorities were initially seeking Paul Williams, but he was arrested when he returned to the scene. Leslie was also called Lisa. The time of death is not yet clear, but the slayings had not happened right before authorities responded to the scene, they said in a news conference.

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