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My baby girl ds look turning head

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Help With My Baby Girl DS Game!!!!!!!?

Huggies Forum Forum Help. Neck problem? Welcome Active Popular Browse. He won't turn left. Sign in to reply. My 7 weeks old baby doesn't like turning his head to the left. I have noticed that since he was born, but thought he will grow out of it.

I have been told that it might be how he used to be inside the womb. I tried to turn his head when he asleep, but he would turn it back to the right straight away or woken up and cry. If I lay him down on my bed and try to get his attention by talking and waving toys infront of him and he is still not turning much.

Now, I'm worry about developmental problem. Have anyone had this type of problem? Is it normal and he most likely will grow out of it? Or is it a medical condition? He was born by planned C-section and it wasn't a traumatic birth. Help please Posted Saturday 08 August am. I have three kids and I think it was at around the 8wk visit to the CHN that I remember them checking for that.

They turn thier head to either side to make sure they can do it comfortably. My DS favoured one side too. I didn't have a traumatic birth either - just a quick one.

But they're so squashed in there before the end, it's no surprise they might have a bit of a stiff neck!! I'd strongly recommend taking him to see one. Posted Saturday 08 August pm. Definately go see a chiro.

Apparently it is recommended that all babies get checked by a chiro soon after birth as it is quite common to have problems, traumatic labor or not. Good luck, hope this helps. Posted Monday 10 August am. My first son had this problem and the paediatrician sent him to the physio.

He had tight tendons on one side of his neck, so we had to give him massage and excises every day. He is fine now. Better safe than sorry! Posted Thursday 03 September am. My little girl had the same problem aparently due to her being breech for most of my pregnancy and has been seeing a physio since she was 6 weeks she's now almost 5 months. I was given exercises to do with her and shown different ways to encourage her to move her head.

I also bought a 'lovenest' pillow to help with the flat head that she was developing. Seems the flat head problem is solved, she has a nice round head and she now has full movement and does not favour either side of her head.

Posted Thursday 10 September am. My friend had her second bub 8 months ago by planned c section, and she only just recently had a specialist listen to her concerns. He wouldn't turn his head to the left without discomfort and he also couldn't lift his arms up above his head and hadn't started to try and roll yet etc.

She was actually worried he was deaf in one ear because he wouldn't turn his head to the left when spoken too. She finally got him to a specialist peadiatric chiropractor that actually picked up that he more or less had a frozen sholder due to positioning in womb late in pregnancy and that caused stress and pain on neck and down his left side.

Since having his first lot of work done on him my friend noticed a HUGE difference in his attitude and movement. Not saying that this is what your child has, but if it is obviously causing discomfort, definately keep pushing the doctors to take you seriously and look into it, before it may or maynot inhibit his development.

My two boys have a rare neurological condition and it took 10 months with my first son to finally have his condition diagnosed, so we learnt the long and hard way to keep pushing the medical field to take us seriously. Posted Saturday 19 September am. My baby had the same problem that was diagnosed by paediatrician who recommended a chiro Posted Saturday 19 September pm. Hello there. My little boy was born with torticolis which sounds very much like the symptoms of your little baby.

It took time but it worked. I also saw a ped who gave me advice on how to sleep him during the day to prevent his head going flat.

He assured me that this was not affectig him developmentally but he would need to exercise and stretch his neck for improvement and his head could become distorted. With pysio we have prevented this and i recommend a visit to your local hospital to see what physio program they can offer you.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Nelson my baby is doing vey well. Turning in all dirctions and very happy with! His head is normal too! Posted Sunday 20 September am.

how do I get my baby to turn her head?

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Huggies Forum Forum Help. Neck problem?

Why am I republishing this? Taking care of a little baby can be a lot of work. But it can also be a lot of fun, too. First, choose a name for your baby, as well as skin, hair, and eye color as well as ethnicity.

My Baby Girl Q&A

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! How do you make baby girl look at the rattle?? She doesn't follow the sounds or move her head, how do I make her do this? User Info: lilmak Top Voted Answer. All you have to do is shake the rattle to her side or to the direction that you want her to look then move to the second direction and then to a third hope this helps you User Info: pinky

How do you make baby girl look at the rattle??

To make the baby turn towards the sound, shake the rattle at one end of the screen then move it to the other side and shake the rattle again. Hope this helps! Caress her head,then get her attention,use the rattle at any side,tap it once or twice,but move it before she can see it. Hope it helps! I need help ive been trying to make her turn her head toward the sound of the rattle and she wont look at it.




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rattle my baby girl! how do i do the [look terning head] on my baby girl ds i tryed i got look turning head bar to get to a on head but i can't get any farther can.








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