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He is a funny person. He likes to wear his clothes backwards. His eccentricity is shown when he has a painted smiley face on the back of his head. He has problems keeping his teeth inside his head. Bud is first seen in the future in the year , having been startled by Lewis , who accidentally bumped into him.

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Parent reviews for Meet the Robinsons

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Listen to Parent Trapped , our new weekly podcast with stories and tips for getting through the pandemic. Skip to Content. Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Parent reviews for Meet the Robinsons. Common Sense says Clever but sometimes scary time-travel adventure. Based on our expert review. Based on 57 reviews. Based on 79 reviews. Add your rating. Parents say 57 Kids say Parent Written by Hadassah D.

May 8, Growth Mindset at its best!! Movie of this nature I love how this movie deals with real issues, issues that orphans sometimes face, even those who have been adopted It showcases talents other than just being good at being smart.

I also love the message that in spite of your bad circumstances and negative beginnings, that your life can turn out all right, if you continue to remain positive and keep working hard. Anytime something gets challenging for my students and my own kids, they want to give up.

This movie makes me feel like I can do anything!!! This title contains: Positive Messages. Positive role models. This review Helped me decide 1. Had useful details. Read my mind 1. Report this review.

Adult Written by Rcook October 11, One of my favorite movies This movie is seriously one of my favorite movies because I'm in love with the theme that Disney made ever-present in this movie: Keep Moving Forward. It's actully from a wonderful quote by Walt Disney and I think it's such a great thing to teach kids!

Too often movies have been repeating themes and it's exhausting. But what a great theme that we have been leaving out recently.

The whole focus is that you should learn from your mistake s and keep looking forward, don't be hindered by your past but learn from your mistakes because mistakes are okay. I love it! Also it protrays family beautifully- it's importance and the support that comes from it. While other reviews on this site said that it "offends them", I think they need to chill, becasue no way is this movie offensive.

Regarding the orphanage, I think it shined a light a common feeling for orphans, or anyone in a situation like that. It was relatable. Also this movie shows how sometimes one bad action can directly affect the future, but at the same time after that less than 2 minute scene it shows how one idea can change the future for the good.

Did I mention it's hilarious!? I will be quoting "I have a big head and little arms All the characters are fun and the script is funny. Also at the end, with the Rob Thomas song, and the full Disney quote; I get shivers and tear up every time. This title contains: Educational Value.

Positive Messages. Helped me decide. Read my mind 2. Parent of a 4 and 6-year-old Written by Jhakim August 23, Great storyline.. Watched this with my 7yr old and 4yr old.

My 6yr old had lotsss of Qs for me! Why did the mom leave baby? Where did she go? Moms are supposed to take care of their baby. Then sadder Qs- What if you left me as a baby, who would take care of me?

I wasn't expecting for such sad Qs. Also the traveling from the past to the future had her confused.. Parents keep in mind to have answers ready! Overall great message on "keep moving forward".

Don't give up and keep trying.. Had useful details 1. Read my mind. Adult Written by Sirmiti July 26, I just show Meet the Robinsons. This Disney animated adventure was not only enjoyable but it was very meaningful for adults. The director was able to illustrate that we have the power to change the future. By making better choices and helping people to feel good about themselves.

By showing us how to make a person feel exceptionally good when they fail at something; by saying positive things so the person could feel invigorating and Keep Moving Forward. This movie is amazing and comedic gold for kids. My kids aged 9, 7, 7 and 4 all loved the different personalities of the characters and they didn't find Doris too scary. Adult Written by Holly R. April 2, Keep moving forward I was never adopted and was in foster care till 18 I'm surprised by so many people saying not for adopted kids.

I was in foster care most of my life and stayed until I aged out. This movie didn't offend me; it gave me hope. I discovered that reason because of that movie. I gave up and was too critical on myself. This is my new favorite movie.

I almost dismissed it because it looked stupid but was surprised that I actually learned something. The part where Lewis was about to have a meltdown for failing once again only to be cheered on to "keep moving forward" brought me to tears but in a good way. I will warn you that when he "meets" his mom she didn't ring the door bell for her baby that she dumps, it's kid Lewis so it can be upsetting if you catch it.

Despite this this film inspired me to "keep moving forward" and that is why this film has a special place in my heart. Especially since I found my own family just when things looked hopeless. And actually though parts of the film are not excatly how the American foster care system is ran I still found it to sorta accurate rivalry between the other kids and growing up bitter and self critical and the fact that they eventually moved forward to a better future. Best message for this generation and it's not scary unless you shelter your children from everything which alot of people seem to do.

Adult Written by Jimmy N. November 1, This movie is all about a boy named Lewis and he tries so hard to find the family that he deserve. Watch this music video about Meet the Robinsons. Parent Written by jenelc December 8, My favorite Disney Movie The point is that it does teach you that family is important no matter who it is. You may have to watch it twice to see this or you may not.

But the best part of this is that it teaches people in general not just kids that you should not give up when you fail. This is done in a fun sci-fi ish way. I don't believe everything about the movie is completely perfect, but I own the DVD and believe that it's how you view life in general. Either you're a positive person and see the positive in the movie or you specifically look for negative things and things to get offended by.

Being offended is a choice and so is attitude and happiness. So many terrific messages! I'm a biological parent so I don't have strong feelings about the accuracy of the adoption process however my children were empathetic towards Louis and Michael during their time at the orphanage.

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It begins in the present with young Lewis, who lives in an orphanage and is a budding inventor. While displaying his latest contraption at a science fair, Lewis encounters two mysterious strangers. One is Bowler Hat Man, a bizarre character with long skinny legs in clinging black tights, a cape and curling moustache. This fellow is a distillation of every villain ever to tread the boards in a vaudeville mellerdramer.

The 47th Disney animated feature film , it was released in standard and Disney Digital 3-D versions. It was the first film released after then- Pixar executive John Lasseter became chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios.

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Bud Robinson

Sign In. Edit Meet the Robinsons Mildred voice Daniel Hansen Lewis voice Jordan Fry Lewis voice Matthew Josten Michael "Goob" Yagoobian voice John H. Harrington voice Dara McGarry Willerstein voice Laurie Metcalf

Lewis Robinson

Lewis Robinson is the protagonist of Disney 's animated feature film, Meet the Robinsons. Lewis was derived from the original A Day With Wilbur Robinson storybook as a friend of Wilbur that served as the narrator as he visited his friend's large and strange home. Born in , Lewis is a year-old boy incredibly gifted boy in terms of intelligence. He loves to invent and has been doing so since he was young. While a generally kind kid who has good intentions, he can also let frustration cloud his mind.

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Listen to Parent Trapped , our new weekly podcast with stories and tips for getting through the pandemic. Skip to Content. Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work!

Meet the Robinsons

It's "a masterpiece," raves John Anderson of "Newsday. In the fantastical world of , hip-hoppin' frogs and dogs that wear glasses are as common as talking dinosaurs. In an amazing twist, Lewis discovers that the fate of the future rests in his hands, but he can't save it alone -- he'll need every bit of help he can get from the wonderfully wacky Robinson family, who help him learn to keep moving forward and never stop believing in himself. It's an exciting trip your whole family will enjoy!

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The patriarch of the Robinsons, Wilbur's father, and Franny's husband. He is in charge of Robinson Industries. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this.


He was introduced as the main antagonist (only to be replaced by Doris after he changes the future and reforms near the end). As a year-old boy Jordan.








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