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Rentals include 30 days to start watching this video and 48 hours to finish once started. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Close Menu. Serial killing cases happened in city and the killer disappeared. Campus Goddess, Zhao Ziyu, is always disturbed by a strange dream of childhood. Professor Bai help her with some medicine.

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Play Audio File. Or download MP3 Right-click or option-click and save link. Here is Faith Lapidus with the story. In the little room over the porch, the Lady in Black sat alone. On the floor at her feet lay a tiny pair of shoes. A doll hung over a chair and a toy soldier occupied the little stand by the bed.

And everywhere was silence—the strange silence that comes only to a room where the clock has stopped ticking. The clock stood on the shelf near the end of the bed. The Lady in Black looked at it. She remembered the wave of anger that had come over her when she had reached out her hand and silenced the clock that night three months before. It had been silent ever since and it should remain silent, too.

Of what possible use were the hours it would tick away now? As if anything mattered, with little Kathleen lying out there white and still under the black earth! The Lady in Black moved restlessly and looked toward the closed door. Behind it, she knew, was a little boy with wide blue eyes who wanted her.

But she wished he would not call her by that name. It only reminded her of those other little lips--silent now. The unsmiling woman did not invite him to come near. The boy was unsteady at his first step. He paused, then spoke carefully, "I's--here. It was maybe the worst thing he could have said. To the Lady in Black it was a yet more painful reminder of that other one who was not there. She gave a sharp cry and covered her face with her hands. Go away! I want to be alone--alone!

All the brightness fled from the boy's face. His eyes showed a feeling of deep hurt. He waited, but she did not move. Then, with a half-quieted cry, he left the room. Long minutes afterward, the Lady in Black raised her head and saw him through the window.

He was in the yard with his father, playing under the apple tree. Bobby had someone to play with him, someone to love him and care for him, while out there on the hillside Kathleen was alone--all alone. With a little cry the Lady in Black sprang to her feet and hurried into her own room.

Her hands shook as she pinned on her hat and covered herself with her black veil. But her step was firm as she walked downstairs and out through the hall. You don't seem to think! No one thinks--no one knows how I feel. You don't understand. If you did, you'd come with me. You wouldn't ask me to stay--here! But it can't do any good--this continuous mourning over her grave. It only makes more sadness for you, for me, and for Bobby.

Bobby is--here, you know, dear! You don't understand! It was not a long walk to the burial place. The Lady in Black knew the way. Yet, she stumbled and reached out blindly. She fell before a little stone marked "Kathleen. The gray-haired woman paused and opened her lips as if she would speak.

Then she turned slowly and began to arrange her flowers on a grave nearby. The Lady in Black raised her head. For a time she watched in silence. Then she threw back her veil and spoke. I've seen you here before, I'm sure. And was yours--a little girl? You see, there's no one else to care. But there was once, and I'm caring now, for her sake. The eyes of the Lady in Black were on the stone marked "Kathleen. So I know. I saw the whole thing from the beginning, from the very day when the little boy here met with the accident.

I know! Yet she was not thinking of the boy and the runaway horse accident. Nothin' seemed important except this little grave out here. The Lady in Black raised her head suddenly and quickly looked into the woman's face.

The woman went on speaking. She seemed to want it so. She shut out the sunshine and put away many of the pictures. She sat only in the boy's room. And there, everything was just as it was when he left it. She wouldn't let a thing be touched. I wondered afterward that she didn't see where it was all leadin' to, but she didn't.

I wondered she didn't see she was losin' 'em--that husband and daughter; but she didn't see it. The Lady in Black sat very still. Even the birds seemed to have stopped their singing.

Then the gray-haired woman spoke:. It's for her. There's no one else now to care," she sighed, rising to her feet. I know the man went away. He got somethin' to do travelin' so he wasn't home much. When he did come he looked sick and bad. He come less and less, and he died. But that was after she died. He's buried over there beside her and the boy.

The girl--well, nobody knows where the girl is. Girls like flowers and sunshine and laughter and young people, you know, and she didn't get any of them at home. So she went--where she did get 'em, I suppose. I was glad to hear it," said the Lady in Black, rising unsteadily to her feet. Her face had grown white, and her eyes showed a sudden fear. Thank you. The house was very still when the Lady in Black reached home. She shivered at its silence. She hurried up the stairs, almost with guilt.

In her own room she pulled at the dark veil that covered her face. She was crying now, a choking little cry with broken words running through it. She was still crying as she removed her black dress. Long minutes later, the Lady--in black no longer--moved slowly down the stairway.

Her eyes showed traces of tears, but her lips were bravely curved in a smile. She wore a white dress and a single white rose in her hair. Behind her, in the little room over the porch, a tiny clock ticked loudly on its shelf near the end of the bed.

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Play Audio File. Or download MP3 Right-click or option-click and save link. Here is Faith Lapidus with the story.

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The Woman In Black (Full Video 1989)

Subscribe on Apple Podcasts , Spotify , and wherever you get your podcasts! Ramin flees from persecution in Iran and ends up living in the limbo of exile, far from everything he knows, in the tropical port town of Veracruz, Mexico. The Strong Ones is a story of love and courage, at the end of the world, between two men in search of freedom. Teenager Ariel lives a seemingly quiet life with his father and sister on their picturesque farm in a rural part of Buenos Aires. However, unbeknownst to his family, Ariel has been abused Uncontrollable anxiety attacks prevent him from doing so and force him to escape into virtual worlds. One night, he meets

A Woman in The Shadow

The screenplay was written by Jon Croker from a story by Susan Hill. Thirty years after the events of the first film, during the London Blitz , Eve Parkins joins some of her schoolchildren and the school's headmistress, Jean Hogg, to evacuate them to the isolated market town of Crythin Gifford. Upon arrival at the apparently nearly deserted town, Eve is confronted by a raving madman, Jacob, and flees. Although Eve and Jean do not approve of Eel Marsh House, the isolated manor house on an island in the marshes where they have been billeted, there is no alternative.



Sanaeha sunya kaen ep 10 eng sub


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Short Story: ‘The Lady in Black’ by Eleanor H. Porter


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