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Umrah for single woman

Most western women think Saudi Arabia is a male dominance country, and it is not safe to travel alone there. But this is just a face that the media has been showing to you from the last decade. The upsides self-discovery, independency and downsides extra costs, loneliness of solo travel are the same for both men and women. Yes, a woman can go to Saudi Arabia alone for Umrah. The kingdom allows travelling as a solo female on visit visa.

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Umrah for Single Ladies

The pilgrimage market is seeing growth as more single women under the age of 30 are participating in the tourism and travel industry. THE umrah and haj market was once considered purely for senior citizens but has now grown saturated with more accessibility for younger people. As more of the millennial generation are participating in the tourism and travel industry, the pilgrimage market also sees growth.

Zulhasymi said currently the market is saturated with young women and that they make up most of the market. The umrah visa states that women and children must be accompanied by their mahram , or next of kin. Last year, the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage announced that women aged 25 and above can get a tourist visa to travel to Saudi Arabia.

According to the Saudi Press Agency , the number of visa distribution in Malaysia as of May has hit slightly over ,, while among the cheapest pilgrimage packages is tagged at RM5, This equals the local pilgrimage market value to an approximate worth of at least RM1. However, lucrative business is always a hive for scammers where older rural folks often fall victim to. In most fraud cases, potential pilgrims were told that someone would handle their travels as soon as they arrived at the airport, but were left in the dark afterwards.

The act of pilgrimage is one of the pillars of Islam so of course we want to fulfil it. Follow Us. Home Business News Relaxing rules for women under 45 will boost umrah and haj market.

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Women above 25 can now travel to Saudi Arabia alone

This move signifies that it will not be necessary for women over 25 to travel with any family member or companion. Commenting on the initiative, Director General of the commission's licensing department, Omar Al-Mubarak, said, "The tourist visa will be a single-entry visa valid for a maximum of 30 days. This visa is added to those currently available in the Kingdom. It is independent of work, visit, Hajj and Umrah visas.

The pilgrimage market is seeing growth as more single women under the age of 30 are participating in the tourism and travel industry. THE umrah and haj market was once considered purely for senior citizens but has now grown saturated with more accessibility for younger people.

Saudi Arabia give visa to Mutaumer woman with male, women are alone not given Umrah visa. Actually, women over 45, in a group of similar women can do Umrah as long as they are part of a travel agent organised party. Tripadvisor staff removed this post because it did not meet Tripadvisor's forum guideline limiting each user to a single forums screen name. We remove posts that do not follow our posting guidelines, and we reserve the right to remove any post for any reason. This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity.

Saudis to allow women to perform Umrah without a male guardian

The government of Saudi Arabia is considering a radical change which would allow female pilgrims to perform the hajj without a male guardian, according to an Arab News report. The hajj, from the Arabic word for pilgrimage, is a mandatory religious duty for Muslims. Every year in the last month of the Islamic calendar, more than a million people travel en masse to Mecca over a six-day period. Women who are not met by their sponsors have in the past not been allowed to enter the country or continue on other flights. Violating the policy may lead to deportation. According to the Saudi government , Sunni women have sometimes pretended to be Shia to circumvent the regulations. In recent months, however, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has instituted a selection of high-tech solutions to make the hajj easier to access.

Can A Woman Go To Saudi Arabia Alone For Umrah?

Women are currently required to travel to Saudi Arabia to perform pilgrimages with a mahram male guardian , or be met by him on arrival in the Kingdom, although women over the age of 45 may travel without a mahram if they are in an organized tour group. If women travel with a group and without a mahram they must submit a notarised letter of no objection from someone who could be considered their mahram, authorizing travel for Hajj or Umrah with that group. But Arab News has learned that the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah is conducting studies to issue visit visas for both tourism and Umrah purposes, and that this process is expected to pave the way for allowing women to come without the need for a mahram. It is one of a number of developments in the Hajj and Umrah sector, with Arab News also learning that the ministry was urged to intervene in the sector to save businesses.

I would like this opportunity to the entire Saifco umrah group for a well organised, friendly, pleasant journey.

Al Qadi also said that to obtain a Umrah visa now people can do it easily through Maqam website, instead of approaching travel agents. The visa granted is a day visa. Also with the new visa rules, Al Qadi said that a person with Umrah visa will be able to tour the Kingdom freely and attend events, unlike before when Umrah visa can only be used to go to Makkah and Madina. The visa will enable Saudi citizens and residents to host guests from outside of Saudi, on their personal sponsorship for 90 days.

For the first time, Saudi Arabia is considering allowing unchaperoned women to go on the hajj




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Jan 17, - Only women 45 years old or older are allowed to go without a mahram if they travel with an organised group or family and submit a notarised No Objection Certificate from her mahram. I was already 50 years old when I performed my first umrah.


Saudi Arabia may allow women to perform Hajj without male guardian







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