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When will a girl get her first period quiz

A period kit is one of those essential items that every girl should have. It is a small bag that contains what she needs to manage her period when she is not at home. Because as you know, periods can start when least expected! Building it together is the perfect opportunity for you to start talking about periods. Some girls like to use a pencil case, a purse or even a purpose built bag. It needs to be small enough to be discrete but large enough to use without spilling the contents on the floor and robust enough to get knocked around in the bottom of her school.

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First Period: 3 Signs Your Period is Coming

Anna has reached the age of puberty. This has been bothering Debby for some time as she did not want Anna to face any embarrassment at school. Debby has talked to Anna, and explained what needs to be done in such a situation. If your girl is in this phase of her life, educate her on the topic. Support her and tell her what needs to be done if she gets her period at school.

MomJunction helps you by sharing every possible detail. There is nothing to worry about when it comes to experiencing your first period. It is just a bit of blood flowing out of your womb. What you need to remember is that your body will go through changes now. When you enter puberty, the periods will begin, and you can become pregnant if you engage in sexual activity. Once you get your first period, it will regularly start happening — once every month.

Now, it usually lasts for about two to seven days, but this duration differs for every girl. Some have a shorter period whereas some experience a longer one. Also, for some young girls, they may experience their period regularly, and their schedule may be predictable whereas for some it may be a bit irregular.

The flow of blood also differs. It may be heavy for some and very light for others. It is always a good idea to keep a record of the date on which you get your period, that way you should be able to predict accurately when you will experience it next month. It is a perfectly normal change, and every girl has to face it as she grows up. This change prepares a girl for how to be a mother one day. Usually, girls experience their first period between the ages of 12 and Some girls get their first period at the age of eight whereas some could even get it at the age of 16 or As a rule of thumb, you should get your first period two years after your breasts start developing.

It would be wise to find out the age at which your mother and grandmother got their first periods because it just may affect when you experience yours. Your weight can also affect how early or late you get your first period. Heavier girls experience their first period earlier than underweight girls.

There are various symptoms that can help you understand when your period is on its way. Some common ones are experiencing abdominal cramps, backaches, stomach pains and soreness in your breasts. After getting your first period, you may notice that just before you get your next one, you suddenly develop wild cravings for unusual things and experience sudden mood swings.

It is called PMS or premenstrual syndrome. Most women experience PMS just before the onset of their menstrual period. So, this is nothing to feel anxious about. You will start noticing thin hair around your pubic area the area between your legs. This hair will slowly begin to grow thick, curly and coarse. You will also notice hair growing in your armpits. This hair may become dark and rough as well.

About one or two years after your pubic hair start growing, you will get your first period. Another common sign of puberty is the gradual growth of your breasts. You will notice your breasts growing a bit large especially before you get your first period. Your breast buds start developing, and your nipples become pointed. This occurs when your body starts developing milk glands, fat, and other tissue.

Mostly, breasts take around four years to develop completely. Sometimes, one breast grows a bit faster than the other one. When breasts grow quickly, most girls start experiencing a little tenderness around the nipple area. Girls usually get their first period one to three years after breast development. It is best to wear a camisole, sports bra or training bra during this stage. It will make you feel comfortable and support your chest area.

It is perfectly natural to start experiencing a whitish, yellowish or slightly greenish discharge from your vaginal area before you get your first period. It is one of the most common signs of first period. Make a note of when you first notice this discharge.

You will generally experience your first period about six to twelve months after your vagina starts discharging that liquid. Sometimes, it could even take up to 18 months for this to happen. Usually, the vaginal discharge becomes heavier just before you get your period. However, if you notice it becoming too heavy, your vagina starts itching uncontrollably, or the discharge stinks excessively, you should visit a doctor, who can give you certain vaginal creams that will help deal with the issue.

One of the best ways to deal with discharge from your vagina is to start wearing panty liners! These are small pad like strips that absorb tiny amounts of vaginal liquid and are easily disposable. This will make you feel a lot more comfortable when you experience discharge from your vagina. The best way to deal with the confusion and stress you feel when you think of experiencing your first period is to be prepared for it. Get proper information from your mother or an older female friend or relative as well as read up on it from a reputed online source.

As soon as your body starts experiencing puberty, the brain starts sending certain signals to your body which make it start producing hormones. These hormones prepare the body for pregnancy. These hormones make the uterus lining thicker due to the growth of extra tissue and spreading of blood. Then, an egg is released by the ovary. The egg that is released starts moving down one of the two fallopian tubes and heads towards the uterus. In such a case, the uterus lining promptly breaks, and blood starts flowing out through the vagina.

This discharge, or flow of blood, from the vagina, is called period or menstruation. What does amenorrhea mean? Well, it means not getting your period. Of course, for some young girls, their first menstrual cycle might not take place till they are Also, if your period starts and then suddenly stops, and does not occur again for more than three months, you could have a hormonal problem and require specialist treatment.

You should keep track of your menstrual cycle by marking the first day your period starts in a particular month and then, the first day your period begins the subsequent month. Most cycles consist of 28 days, but there are many cases where the menstrual cycle is anywhere from 21 to 45 days.

This will make it easier for you to accurately predict when your next period is going to be. Today, there are also many apps you can download on your cell to help you keep track! Once you experience your first period, you will have to start using personal care products like sanitary napkins, menstrual cups, and tampons regularly. Both sanitary napkins and tampons are made from a type of cotton material which makes them the most comfortable to use.

There are a lot of different pads that are available in the market. They differ in size, style, and thickness. Pads should be changed every four to eight hours or when you feel like the pad has become too full and cannot absorb any more blood or as soon as you experience any discomfort.

Menstrual cups and tampons gather the flow of blood from within your vagina. Tampons also come in a variety of sizes and styles. You should also change your tampon every four to eight hours to ensure that you do not get toxic shock syndrome TSS [2]. TSS is rare, and you will find very few cases occurring these days. But if you choose to use tampons, then you should be aware of the ill effects of keeping tampons inside your vagina for too long.

You can also avail of menstrual cups which are made out of rubber or plastic. These are put inside the vagina to catch the flow of blood. They have to be removed every eight to 12 hours. Toxic shock syndrome occurs due to bacteria producing toxins.

Usually, your body is equipped to fight these toxins, but sometimes it just cannot. If this happens, your body develops the signs of toxic shock syndrome or TSS.

If you get these signs, remove the tampon immediately and seek medical intervention. It is very common for girls to experience a sudden pain in the back or lower abdominal area. Many also feel certain tenderness in the breasts during the menstrual cycle. Getting headaches and experiencing sudden dizzy spells are also other ill effects of the menstrual cycle. The amount of blood during your first menstruation period may seem like a lot. On an average, girls usually lose about 40 cc or three tablespoons of blood during their first menstrual period [3].

As mentioned earlier, it always looks like you are losing more blood than you are. But if you notice that you have to keep changing your pad every one to two hours, this could mean trouble. Also, your period continuing for over seven days could be another bad sign. If at any time during your period, you feel excessively dizzy, extremely lightheaded, or you notice your pulse racing irregularly, visit a medical professional right away!

When will I get my first period?

We teamed up with period expert Dr. Mary Jane Minkin , M. Good luck. The endometrium is the innermost lining of the uterus.

Puberty can be tough to deal with as a parent. The daughter who used to beg for bedtime stories and goodnight kisses now wants to trade them in for teen magazines and alone time. Outings you always enjoyed together can suddenly become a chore to her, and entering her room is by invitation only.

Your first menstrual period is called menarche. You will notice a spot of dark brown or bright red blood on your underpants when you change your clothes or go to the bathroom. From this moment your menstrual cycle has begun, and you will get your menstrual period repeatedly. The menstrual cycle usually lasts between 21 and 40 days, starting with a 3- to 7-day period.

QUIZ: Is your period about to start?

The thought of getting your first period can be pretty scary - and it gets even more overwhelming when it actually happens. But, the good thing is that every girl has to go through it at some point and the process can be made a lot less frightening if you know how to prepare for it. Check out these helpful tips and tricks on dealing with THAT time of the month! It can be frustrating when it seems like you're the last one of your friends to get your period. The thing is, everybody's bodies develop at their own pace and it's highly unlikely that you and your best bud will start your periods at the exact same time. Things to look for that mean your period is on its way are underarm and pubic hair, breast growth and white, vaginal discharge. The average girl will get her first period around 12 years old , but this definitely varies from person to person. If you're ever concerned about your body's development, check in with your family doctor to see what they think! While we never know exactly when our first period is going to come, we can make the experience a little less dramatic by making sure we are prepared.

How to Talk to Your Daughter About Her Period and Puberty

First Period Symptoms? Learn how to read and understand these signs! Here are 3 helpful tips to get ready for this special time! You may want to look at their policies.

A period is a natural phenomenon, it can be a little scary, though if it's your first one.

Puberty is the stage that your body goes through during its transition from childhood to adulthood. For most girls, this transition happens between the years A lot of focus is put on the physical aspects of puberty, but puberty causes emotional and mental changes, too. In fact, your brain starts to do the work years before you notice your first physical symptoms.

When Will I Get My First Period?

No one can say exactly when you'll get your first menstrual period, but it will be sometime during puberty. Puberty is the time in your life when you begin to become an adult. This means a lot of growing and changing — both inside and out.

How can I track my period on a calendar? What personal care products are available for me during my menstrual period? Does having a period cause pain or discomfort? Starting your menstrual period is one of these changes. When puberty begins, your brain signals your body to produce hormones.

When Will I Get My First Period - Quiz

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This WebMD quiz lets you know when to take action about problems like an irregular period, and how to help PMS. How long does the typical period last? a.

Anna has reached the age of puberty. This has been bothering Debby for some time as she did not want Anna to face any embarrassment at school. Debby has talked to Anna, and explained what needs to be done in such a situation.

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Wondering whether you might start your periods soon? Take our quiz to find out whether you're showing some of the signs. As they approach their teenage years, most girls start to wonder when their periods might start.

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